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Book the price of honor of Paul van Zyl and Aldo Stevanin. The history of the Sassari Brigade and 8° Bersaglieri Regiment

Il prezzo dell'onore di Paolo Volpato e Aldo Stevanin

The price of honor-the history of the Sassari Brigade and 8° Bersaglieri Regiment in the events of Giovanni and Alberto Riva Villa Santa

  • Title The price of honor
  • Subtitle The history of the Sassari Brigade and 8° Bersaglieri Regiment in the events of Giovanni and Alberto Riva Villa Santa
  • 192 Pages
  • Price €19.90
  • Publishing House Itinera Projects
  • Author (s) Paul van Zyl (author), Aldo Stevanin (author)
  • Published 2016
  • Reference 9788888542775
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The book "the price of honor", by Paul van Zyl and Aldo Stevanin, published in October 2016 by Itinera Projects of Bassano del Grappa, gathers the testimonies of the Riva family Villa Santa , formed by an officer of Cortenuova di Bergamo and a woman of Cagliari, as well as children born to a happy Union that will unfortunately disrupted by war. In particular, we explore the biographies of the major. Giovanni Riva and son Sott. Alberto Riva Villa Santa.

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Nella first part of the book, the historian Paul van Zyl frames the military events of the two protagonists. The Maj. Giovanni Riva fights with Sassari to frond Trench in November 1915, earning the first silver medal, before being sent in June 1916 captain of the Battalion of the regiment 151 Melette di Foza. Here the saber crash theAustro-Hungarian offensive in plateau, the famous Strafexpedition, but the major. Riva unfortunately will find the death on 7 June.
The young son Alberto, born in 1900 and volunteer to enlist bersagliere ardito, dies himself in Heaven (Udine) only eighteen, just minutes from 15 of 4 November 1918, the fateful Armistice. It will be the last Gold Medal for military valour of Italian Army. Both are buried in the monumental shrine of Redipuglia, next to each other, with engraved on their tombstones "FATHER" and "SON

Lapidi di Giovanni e Alberto Riva Villa Santa al Sacrario di Redipuglia

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Nella second part of the book, Aldo Stevanin, great-grandson on his mother's side of the two protagonists, retraces the lives of John and his son John, through the documents kept by the family and the reminiscing of grandmother , daughter of John and Albert's sister rebuilding Italian life from the beginning of the century, and trying to relive the daily, exploring the ideals, feelings and sufferings of men and women of the Riva family Villa Santa, involved tragically in whirlwind of war.

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Lin memory of the fallen of the Riva family Villa Santa is also part of more complex epic of those military units--la Brigata Sassari e i Bersaglieri -who have distinguished themselves by value during the first conflict world, fulfilling all the way to their duty in the name of ideals that after 100 years are found in the pages of this volume.

Conca di malga Lora sulle Melette di Foza

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