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1° Contest SelvArt-wooden sculpture Symposium in Mezzaselva, Plateau

Dal 26/7/2016 al 30/7/2016
Selvart scultura in legno

Wood carving contest in Mezzaselva, 26-30 July 2016 Altopiano di Asiago

From Tuesday to Saturday 26 July 30, 2016 in Mezzaselva di Roana, Asiago plateau, there will be the "1° Contest SelvArt", Symposium of sculpture in wood (Land Art).

Five days of discussions on wooden sculptures that artists will perform in Mezzaselva, every day, in the woods of the beautiful village roanese for a unique event of its kind.

Tuesday 26 intendedopening of the contest.
Theevent of sculpture starts with light refreshments at the Piazza dei Cimbri at 10 o'clock in the morning and then you go into the Woods. The event will run until Saturday, 30 all day 9-18 with lunch break (and weather permitting!).

Logo SelvArtAll the curious, fans and supporters are invited to see the work in progress and we can converse with the sculptors.
It will not be the classic wooden sculpture but anartistic expression of use everything a forest and nature can offer, giving vent to imagination and self-expression.

The artists competing in the contest are both Italians and foreigners.

Saturday, July 30, closing day of the event, there will also be a small acoustic concert in the Park, with small buffet and aperitif with official presentation of the end of the symposium the authorities and delivery of the certificate to the Symposium. Sunday morning end Symposium.


Italy: Tony Venzo, Paolo Vivian, Marco Martalar, Hélène Foata.
Mexico: Ana Paula Luna, Diana Villasenor.
Argentina: Francisco Mateos.

The event is sponsored by the Comune di Roana and organized in collaboration with the Pro Loco di Mittewald.

All rights reserved.


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