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1st CHRONOSCALÀ Cronoscalata of Calà del Sasso, Valstagna - Asiago, 1 May

Thursday 1/5/2014 at 09:00

I Gradini della Calà del Sasso, Valsugana - Altopiano di Asiago1st CHRONOSCALÀ the Hillclimb of Calà del Sasso. Valstagna-Altopiano di Asiago, 1 may 2014

Thursday, may 1, 2014 at 9.00 a.m. with departure from "gazebo" in Bessele Source location will take place the 1st CHRONOSCALÀ, the Hillclimb of Calà del Sasso.

The time trial will also see the participation of Tom Perry (Antonio Peretti), thebarefoot climber.

DEPARTURE location Lebo of Valstagna (221 mt)

ARRIVALChurch of Sasso di Asiago (965 m)

LENGTH approx. 7 km

TIME approximately 2 hours



The path ascends to the side of the Valley in large loops, then shrink abruptly until a few meters wide. On the side, under a cliff or Chaudhary, capitals can be found with simple religious representations. The capital of San Antonio marks the middle of the path; higher contrast, springs and Moss, military shelters and the profile of a great outcrop that always seems ready to ruin. Finally, the effort is rewarded when an opening between two rocks to the top of the Valley suggests the clearing of a clearing. And Calà is over.

With its well 4444 stairs, Calà del Sasso is Italy's longest stairway (and among those open to the public, the world). The Calà colleague Valstagna, located in the Brenta Canal, to the hamlet of Asiago, Sasso, on thePlateau of 7 Municipalities, Vicenza.

The path of Calà del Sasso, which from top to bottom measures 744 metres, is mostly lined with a Groove in limestone (e.g. steps), once used to transport timber downstream of the plateau. Wood, that going for Calà, arrived to the River Brenta and was then able to sculpt up to Venice, where he was employed in the construction of boats.

Tra gli alberi sulla Calà del Sasso, Valsugana - Altopiano di Asiago1st CHRONOSCALÀ DETAILS

The hiking route does not present special difficulties or objective dangers. Very important is to wear suitable footwear with good grip, steps from the irregular surface and slippery grass.

Since this is a Hillclimb competitors will set off individually at a distance of 1 minute apart from each other. Since the start you will have 2 hours to finish the race.

It is possible to compete in the race with your partner (see rules for details). Will be drawn up the ranking male, female and couples. Departure times of the athletes will be the final week before the race and could undergo changes.


€ 12,00 for individual competitors
€ 20,00 for couples.

Prices include entry to the race, the final refreshment and the finisher.

«How long purgatory, dark as the storm, the ladder that takes you up there on the Asiago plateau. Quattromilaquattrocentoquarantaquattro, steep steps from beasts, tiring already to appoint them. Depart from Val Brenta, under every Defender peaks, at the point where the Valley-coming from Bassano-it seems split in two at a country called Valstagna, with its wall of old houses of levee. The alert takes the left split and burns in a Flash 810 metres. It's called «Calà del Sasso ", and is one of the most beautiful in the Alps. '
(Paul Rumiz)

All rights reserved.

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