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1st Eco Marathon VERENA the mountain race of the Asiago Plateau, July 6

Sunday 6/7/2014 at 06:30

1ª Eco Maratona del Verena - Altopiano di Asiago1st eco VERENA Marathon mountain race Asiago 7 Comuni, July 6, 2014

Sunday 6 July 2014 at 07.30 a.m. with arrival and departure from Roan's Mittewald, Altopiano di Asiago (Vi) will take place the 1st Eco Marathon of Verena, a mountain race on a course of 42 km with 2100 MTS. of altitude Running Group organized by positive Mittelwalt in collaboration with the local voluntary associations.

Tra i boschi - Eco Maratona del Verena


Saturday, July 5

Pure Sport via Prà Bordoni 14, Zane (VI)
Hours 9.00-12.30 pectoral Withdrawal and new sign-ups
15.30-19.00 Hours pectoral Withdrawal and new sign-ups

Sunday 6 July

06.30 Hours meeting and pectoral delivery

• Closing Hours 07.30 inscriptions and pectoral delivery

Hours 08.00 Departure Eco Marathon of Verena

• Opening Hours 12.00 pasta party

14.00 Hours Beginning Awards


Male-mountain Grand Prix TOP VERENA

Women-mountain Grand Prix TOP VERENA

male and female absolute


from 40 to 49 years male and female


over 50 male and female


Athletes will be rewarded with technical stuff and/or typical local products


Schedules are established to limit the passage of competitors in the following points:
• km. 13 hours 10.30 loc. Pond
• km 29 hours 14.30 loc. Campovecchio

The competitors have not yet passed within the time described shall be excluded from the race, must be recognized by the path delivering the breastplate and back in the arrivals area of Mittewald independently on subpaths where passes the non-competitive or gear by means of the organization if available.
After these hours the organization does not guarantee assistance to the above steps.

Maximum time is fixed in 10:0. (arrival to Mittewald 18.00 a.m.) will attend a service.
In the event of abandonment of the race along the route, the entrant must, as soon as it is able, to go to the nearest place of refreshment or control, communicate their abandonment by registering and handing the breastplate. In case of failure of the withdrawal and the subsequent start of the athlete, every expense arising will be charged to the same athlete.


There will be 9 more supplies en route final refreshment with pasta party

Forte Eco Maratona del Verena


IMPORTANT! The breastplate and the race package will be delivered strictly only to participants who are in good standing with the dimension and the medical certificate for athletic activity.


It will be compulsory for every athlete to have:
• Windproof jacket and shirt-sleeved technique
• Water in quantities of at least 1 litre
• Whistle
• Phone (numbers and aid organization on the breastplate)

Is allowed to use chopsticks. Athletes will have an absolute obligation to scrupulously follow the path marked with slings and arrows. Will set up one or more control points, to which every athlete must pass, under penalty of disqualification.


An athlete will be disqualified if there is even one of the following reasons:
• The Cutting path reported or failed to pass a checkpoint;
• Abandonment of any kind of refusal on the path, outside of the areas used to supply;
• Insults or threats to organizers or volunteers;
• Use of means of transport in the race;
• Failure to rescue a competitor in trouble.


Each contestant, on registration, authorize the Organizing Committee to the free use of any still image and moving that retracts while participating in "ECOMARATONA of VERENA.


The race will take place with any weather. Will be the sole Organizational Committee may vary, even at the last moment, the path to any risks that they run in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Each contestant on registration, accepts that regulation in every point, including any changes thereto that may occur, and that in any case will be reported to the web.


Download the inscription form SINGLE clicking here


Download MULTIPLE registration form by clicking here


• ZANE ' (VI)-purely SPORT-Via Prà Bordoni, 14-tel. 0445-314863
• VICENZA-TECNOSPORT WAY-Viale j. dal Verme, 122-tel. 0444-971652
• DUEVILLE (VI)-HERCULES-Via Tre Scalini, 1 – tel. 0444-946873
• COSTABISSARA (VI)-THIRD TIME RUNNING-Via R.B.Powell, 6-tel. 0444-557336
• SCHIO (VI)-SPORT-VALLEYS Via Campagnola, 19-tel. 0445-517626
• BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI)-RUNNING STORE-Via Pascolara, 10-tel. 0424-504269
• ALBIGNASEGO (PD)-SPORTLER C.C. IPERSITY-Via Verga, 1 – tel. 049-8625372
• ASIAGO (VI)-AESSEGARDEN-Viale Patriots, 31-tel. 0424-462812
• 6/22/2014 in Asiago on the occasion of the 9th TRAIN TRAVEL (banquet upon arrival)

BANK DRAFT -payable to "7 Common Sports"-Banca Popolare di Marostica
Iban: IT89V0557260130CC0931039676
indicating in reference: Name-Surname and membership "ZANA'S ECOMARATONA"
to validate your registration you must send us by mail at the following address: sportiva7comuni@gmail.com
copy of medical certificate, copy of the payment and completed registration form.


Can subscribe to 1st ECOMARATONA of VERENA "athletes only with regular medical certificate.


Registrations open January 31, 2014 and are so fixed and determined:
• Within the 4/30/2014: € 22,00
• From 01/05 to 5/31/2014: € 28,00
• From 01/06 to 06/07: € 35,00
The fee includes: race number, chip, medical assistance, race Pack, t.shirt, showers, changing rooms and pasta party.

Registrations will be closed even in advance the number of 500 subscribers.


347 sportiva7comuni@gmail.com 2258690 |

Paesaggio Eco Maratona del Verena

All rights reserved.

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