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1st NATIONAL MEETING CITY OF OFFROAD Gallo 3 e 4 September 2011

Dal 3/9/2011 al 4/9/2011

Primo raduno nazionale offroad Città di Gallio Settembre 20111st NATIONAL MEETING CITY OF OFFROAD Gallo 3 e 4 September 2011

Two days of off-road and many other activities on the Plateau of Asiago

Saturday, September 3, 2011 
09.30 am: Registration and registration of participants 
10:00 to 18:00 hours: 1 TROPHY MOUNTAIN 4X4 
14:00 to 16:00 hours: 1 TROPHY 4X4 ORIENTIRING theory and children's activities 
Ore 17.00-19.00: 1 st practice test 1 TROPHY 4X4 ORIENTIRING 
20.00: accommodation of the participants at the hotel and dinner 
9:00 p.m. to 23:00 Hours: 2 nd 1 st practical test ORIENTIRING TROPHY 4X4

Sunday, September 4, 2011 
Delivery of the road book and departure of cars from the square of Gallium 
11.00 am: snack along the way 
13.00: Lunch at the refuge at 1,600 meters above sea level 
17.00: Arrival, awards and greetings

The meeting is open to all owners of SUVs, and ATVs off-road, the path will unfold in the beautiful nature of the Plateau, with landscaped steps and in full respect of nature.

The mini course will cover the basics orientiring to extricate the woods and trails with the help of instruments, compasses and maps and will allow participants to learn "just enough" to deal with two practical tests of 2 hours each. The tests will take place on foot, where you must hunt down the "lantern" that will attest to the discovery of the legendary points "GALL". The fastest will be awarded on 1 ORIENTIRING TROPHY 4X4. 
The most courageous and fearless off-road fun you can in a designated area (reached by a road book which will be delivered at the start), where they will play four types of tests:

RADIO TRIAL: trip signaled to go with the driver blindfolded, guided by radio from your browser.

REVERSE TRIAL: pilot and navigator will guide the vehicle along the route in reverse, doing the doors in sequence and in the direction expected.

Insurmountable obstacle: three attempts to overcome the insidious obstacle, an instrument granted: the ability to guide and vehicle. Tips and prohibited foreign aid, the use of jacks, winches and more.

CLIMBING: growing up, the hill of the widow. Who wins will collect the most flags distributed along the steep slope, without getting outside help and without using up ... press the start time from the head test.

The sum of the scores of four tests to discover who will go to the range of 1 TROPHY MOUNTAIN 4X4!

On the occasion of the anniversary of 150 years of the Unification of Italy, the road book will be designed to reach the trenches, and other historical points of interest and allow you to visit and learn about one of the most important theaters of the Great War.

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