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29 º Ed TROPHY FIELD OF BATTLE: Cross Country Team, March 16, Gallio

Sunday 16/3/2014 at 09:00

29º TROFEO CAMPI DI BATTAGLIA29th Ed. TROFEO BATTLEFIELDS: cross-country Race in teams, Sunday March 16, 2014 to Gallio

Sunday, March 16, 2014 will be held the Trophy battlefields.

It is a ski race mountaineering team on the distance of 25 miles, who has always been broad consensus of participants, both for remembrance and tribute to the exploits of alpini and in 1916/17 fell valiantly on that mountain, both for the scenic route which leads contestants through the places of memory.

Departureearrival shall be fixed in The Campomulo locality, at 1500 metres above sea level, in the suggestive scenery of theAsiago plateau, with the 1st team in departure at 9.00 a.m. and with intervals of every 30 '' every patrol.

The event is organized by Gruppo Sportivo Asiago Mountain, in collaboration with the "Monte Ortigara". The competition is highly respected, leading athletes to try to be very demanding race, through places like Monte Lozze, Monte Ortigara, Caldiera Peak and Mount Fiaretta.


Alpine Sports Group Asiago 0424 63477

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