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A dream future, Centennial Short great war, Asiago plateau

Saturday 11/4/2015 at 18:00

un futuro da sogno, cortometraggio centenario prima guerra mondiale altopiano di asiagoA dream future, Short for the centenary of World War I, the Asiago plateau, Saturday 11 April 2015

Saturday 11 April 2015 at the Lux Cinema di Asiago to 18.00 hours is expected the screening of the short film "A dream future, 100th anniversasry of First World War", a short film (just 22 ') by Andrea Vardi dedicated, as the title explains, the centenary of the great war and filmed last fall in the trenches of Monte Zebio, in theAsiago plateau.


The film is about a new, fantasy, psychological drama of World War I, we meet a modern-day tourist and a soldier of the first world war.

Ask a simple question: "what could want, more than anything else, a young soldier in the trenches?"
Here's a simple answer: "not to be there!"

The desire of the soldier in this movie come true and through a game of destiny comes to the present day. Will have the opportunity to confront a man today and ask the questions that haunt him more.
In the end will be tempted by the incredible opportunity to choose whether to escape from that reality and remain in our time, or stay to fight the war alongside his comrades.  This is not the story of a hero, is the story of a boy terrified, as were many in the devastating condition.
In a surprise ending dream and reality will resume their seats and brutally presents the Bill for those who did not have the right to hope for "a future Dream"

"This tells us the Director Andrea Vardi- not the usual documentary or historical reconstruction, but a fantasy! The tragedy of the great war, the theme of alienation, through the dream world of dreams and hopes. Because even if we ever not attracted above all by the great deeds and great meanings, each of those guys had dreams... and he wanted to at least try to achieve them."

The project, rather ... the adventure of creating this film was made possible thanks to the work of all participants. After the first stages of conception, filming was done in just three days, of which only one day with the soldiers. "We have brought into play,-continues Vardi- we had fun, it took time for editing, special effects and the dubbing, but it was worth it. We'd also doppiarlo in English and make it run as much as possible to the European festivals, or why not,world. "

The short film, which lasted 22 minutes, will premiere at Cinema Lux Asiago Saturday 11 April at 18.00 with free admission, the work will also be presented in the exhibition "images of war" that will start next May.

Production and Directed by Andrea Vardi with Peter (Bruno Carli) and Bruno (Bruno Montorio) with the participation of Susanna Bottazzi.

Photos of scenes
Anna Dall'Ava
Giulia Allods
Direct sound
Philippe Parini
Nazzareno Bortolaso, Valerio Burattin, Paolo Burlinetto, Franco Carrossa Right, Marco, Loris Fagian, Luca Laverda, Roberto Manor, Christian Pasquali, Mario Rubbo, Tiziano Saddam, Canesso Nicola.

All rights reserved.

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