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ALBERO CONSS - Meeting with Daniele Zovi and Renato Semenzato in Asiago - 26 January 2019

Thursday 26/12/2019 at 18:00
Italia selvatica di Daniele Zovi

Meeting of the exhibition "Meetings under the tree", in collaboration with the Library

On Thursday, December 26, 2019,on the evening of Boxing Day,the Library Giunti at the Point of Asiago organizes an interesting meeting with Gen. Daniele Zovi and Dr. Renato Semenzato, veterinarian and wildlife expert.

During the meeting, which will be held at 18.00 at the Teatro Millepini in Asiago,the book Italy Wild,written by Zovi, will be presented.


In a small village in Abruzzo, a bear walks quietly with his cubs through the alleys of the village, enters the gardens in broad daylight, eats from the fruit trees. Her videos go around the web and the bear, christened Gemma, becomes a celebrity. On a beach in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a few kilometers from Pisa, imprinted in the sand, appear the unmistakable traces of a wolf, coming out of the thick of the woods in search of food; in Rome families of wild boars wander among the garbage bags left near the bins filled with... After centuries of decline, indiscriminate hunting, destruction of their habitats, today wild animals are regaining popularizing the peninsula, overcoming and circumventing the barriers that were to keep them away, the walls and fences with which man tried to exclude the nature from society. Species that risked extinction, such as the bear or the wolf, have found their place in our woods, the otters have returned to popular the streams, the golden jackal, until recently totally unknown, crossed the Slovenian border, and, for the first time since five hundred years, a beaver was finally seen in Italian territory. Daniele Zovi, a forest expert, draws the map of a wild, mysterious and enchanting Italy that resists the race to develop and exploit resources. And it gains ground, reminding us that the world of wild nature is also our world and speaking again to our hearts of freedom and beauty, emotion and respect.

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