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ANDREA VITALI presents its books, meetings with the author under the tree, 7 Dec

Sunday 7/12/2014 at 20:45
Libro andrea vitali di impossibile non ce niente

Literary encounters with the author winter Cocktail: the December 7 Andrea Vitali presents "impossible there is nothing" and "ticket, Miss", in collaboration with the library reached the point of Asiago

Sunday, December 7, at 20.45 hours, Andrea Vitali will present his "impossible is nothing" and "Ticket, Miss" at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago.

The writer will be happy to tell the story of his books and talk about the reasons that pushed him to write.

The meeting is part of the winter exhibition "Incontri con l'autore under the tree", organised by The library Section, in collaboration with the municipality of Asiago.


Right in front of the home of Mulberry child there is a wonderful forest, where snowmen resist for days, come some strawberries tasteless but beautiful and the trees toward the bushes. But now the forest is in danger: they want to demolish it to build houses, other houses and houses, as if they were not quite what they're choking extremely unforgiving nature all around.
Mulberry for there is only one hope, writing a letter to the ones who know the value of simple things, those who know how to make the joy of children: the traditional characters. But times have changed, and the seven Nani, the Mickey Mouse of the teeth, the Stork that brings children, Santa Claus and many others have chosen to retire, forgotten by all, to breathe good air last in the peaceful Hospice Vistalago. Will the desperate call of a child to trigger in them the ancient pride? There is still room for them in a world-changing technology?
After the success of children's books by Luis Sepúlveda and Daniel Pennac, Andrea Vitali will enchant readers children and those who ridiventeranno reading this modern fable, cheerful and gentle, but also touching deep themes such as the importance of tradition and love for nature. A magical story that has the grace of fairy tales and the force of a novel.


Varenna train station, just a few kilometres from Bellano, there is uproar. The train conductor Hermes Licuti fell from convoy escorting a passenger plucked without a ticket. And without a farthing to pay the fine. Suggests that comes from Milan, who wants to go to Sao Paulo, but not fluent in Italian, and understand what he wants is a nice busillis. Dutiful to the rules, the conductor did not hear reasons and delivers the girl to the stationmaster, Hamilcar Mezzanotti Fausto, protesting lively. The regulation, however, is clear, the matter touches him sbrogliarla. And so now the poor stationmaster is located there, in his ufficetto, in front of Marta Bisovich. Beautiful, dark of complexion, jet-black hair, perfect teeth, perhaps sources Trieste, exotic and wild to take your breath away. We are in June 1949, and on the shores of Lake Como, in Bellano, pulls an effervescent air of novelty. There are elections of the new mayor, and various factions are organizing for the challenge at the polls. Over all, Dc, resounding successes fresh policies of ' 48, bisected now by infighting orchestrated by the current Deputy Mayor Amedeo Torelli, who aspires to full charge, and is willing to play all his cards, lawful and even no. The beautiful and sexy Marta, however, has other aspirations. The meantime would find a place where you can begin again to live, and this is why he decided to focus his last chance on the wheel of Bellano, where certain knowledge is not in a position to deny the help it needs. Ticket, Miss – story appeared in an early version in 2001 under the title " the air of the Lake in the collection, and here entirely reinvented, rewritten and enlarged – brings us in the middle ofItaly's reconstruction, grappling with newfound freedom. In a country struggling to recover from the rubble of war, each try your luck to baste its future.

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