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Art Exhibition on Andy Warhol at the Museum "Le Carceri" of Asiago

Dal 6/7/2013 al 15/9/2013

Ritratto di Liz Taylor da parte di Andy WarholPop Art is a way of loving things: the Warhol exhibition in Asiago

Over 40 will have the works hosted by the Museum "Prisons" of Asiago to the exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol to be held from July 6 to September 15, 2013 including some coming from the Tate Gallery in London, from Leo Castelli, New York, from theInstitute of Contemporary Art in Boston – Massachusetts and from Rosini-Gutman, among the most prestigious in the worldwith the aim of presenting to the visitor a unique style, made of silk-screen plants and pictures on paper assortente, upset that put the singer on par with industrial machinery. The artwork becomes mass product destined for the free market, increasingly distancing himself from the pictorial creation and relying on photographs, provided by news agencies, as the basis for creating.

Pop art is a way of loving things is the title of the exhibition, organized by the Assessorato alla Cultura della Città di Asiago and staged by MV Lonigo, events at the Museum "Prisons" of Asiago from July 6 to September 15, 2013, entirely dedicated to the genius of American Pop Art, through silk-screening, managed to clear the concept art, until then reserved for an elite, making it accessible to the great mass of consumers, by uniting the wealthy and the working class and becoming a veritable symbol of equality policy (what there is of really great in this country, is that America has given away to the costume for the richest consumers buy essentially the same things of poorer).

"Warhol was a great innovator of his time," said the head of culture Roberto Rigoni Stern, "which, more than any other, to be a constantly evolving society, becoming the spokesman for the economic boom of years 50, Contextualising the artistic research in the world of consumption, the Hollywood star and major brands. An artist that we are honored to celebrate in our former prisons Museum with a large exhibition, in advance of the 50th anniversary of International Pop Art ".

"We continue to present the cultural offer of Asiago presenting a major exhibition in summer-says the Mayor of Asiago Andrea Gios-valuing the exhibition spaces of the Museum the prisons through exhibitions of big names of world Art. An objective which we feel particularly ours, aimed at enhancing the area of Asiago and tourism related to it ".

Andy Warhol, born August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh by Czechoslovak immigrants, has made the provocation and of irony his modus operandi, creating a veritable philosophy of aphorisms and short films, "ready to use". A genius, the American artist, built around the concept of Artist, associating it to a serial playback machine, constantly tied to the obsessive repetition of an action, perhaps as an end in itself ("repetition", stated, "increases the reputation").

His artistic maturation takes place during the years of the great economic boom of the 50 's, the years in which the consumer society, celebrating with enthusiasm towards a new American prosperity-' if Warhol isn't the American dream, it means that there is no American dream, ' said Edward w. Hayes.

"The exhibition is not only an opportunity to admire the works of Andy Warhol," says Matteo Vanzan of MV events, curator of the exhibition "but will offer visitors a trip inside the Factory and narrow collaborations that the artist has braided with filmmakers and musicians such as Velvet Underground , Rolling Stones, actively in the life of one of the most discussed and prolific of 20th-centuryart".

"There were at least three Andy Warhol: the least known, Andrew Warhola who conversed with his mother in a sort of Czech-English and slang that was in Church with her. The second was the spokesman Andy response international pop to a world dominated by new technologies. The third aspect was that the artist Andy Warhol: a painter able to maintain balance in a multiplicity of contradictory meanings "(Henry Geldzahler). A world of symbols and icons where the brand Coca-Cola, Campbell's cans, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, etc. are legitimated in the artistic condition not telling their provenance or their history, but only their iconization and their rise in the collective imagination. Warhol supported and experimented with various forms of communication, from movies to music, producing feature films, and films such as Sleep and Vinyl (a strange interpretation of "a Clockwork Orange") and supporting bands like the Velvet Underground with Lou Reed, for which he designed the famous cover of the self-titled debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico.

"Pop artists have created images that anyone was able to recognize instantly, comics, picnic tables, celebrities, Coca-Cola bottles, all large modern things that the abstract Expressionists had tried not to notice at all" (Andy Warhol).

Business Hours:

from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 19:00

Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 20:00

ENTRANCE € 5,00, reduced € 3,00 (under 18, over 65, residents in the town of Asiago, groups, minimum 15 people)



Città di Asiago – Department of tourism and culture

Palazzo del Turismo Millepini

Via Millepini, 1

36012 Asiago

Tel. 0424/460003

Tourist information Office of Asiago

Piazza g. Carli, 56

36012 Asiago

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