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Asiago Observatory, Iss-July 28, 2016

Thursday 28/7/2016 at 21:00
Sala multimediale osservatorio pennar

Meeting "International Space Station" Asiago Observatory-July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016, new appointment with the themed nights ofAstronomical Observatory of Asiago.

At 21 hours, in the multimedia room of the venue of the meeting will be held the Pennar, "International Space Station", an evening themed on culturalastronomy.

This is a lesson with remote observation with the Schmidt telescope (only in case of clear skies) lasting 90 minutes.

An excellent opportunity to get to know one of the most famous and important European observers, and to deepen their knowledge about astronomy.

During the appointment you can also visit the dome of the telescope Galileo.

Sergio From Ave


The International Space Station (English speaking International Space Station or ISS) is a space station dedicated to scientific research that is in low Earth orbit, operated as a joint project by five different space agencies: the U.S. NASA, the Russian RKA, Europäische ESA (with all the space agencies related), Japan's JAXA and the Canadian CSA.

Is maintained at anorbit of between 330 km and the 435 km altitude and travels at an average speed of 27 600 mph, completing 15.5 orbits per day. It is inhabited continuously since November 2, 2000; the crew has since been replaced several times, varying from two to six astronauts or cosmonauts.

Built starting in 1998, it was expected the completion by 2017; should remain in place until 2024, expected scientific goals, only to be partially dismantled, destroyed or reused.

The total cost has been estimated byESA in 100 billion in 30 years. His goal, as defined by NASA, is to develop and test technologies for theexploration, develop technologies that keep a crew on missions beyond Earth orbit and acquire operational experience for long-duration space flights, as well as serve as a laboratory for research in a microgravityenvironment, in which crews conduct experiments in biology , chemistry, medicine, Physiology and physics and make astronomical observations and forecasting.


Entire € 10
Reduced : € 5 (up to 11 years, employees and students UniPd and Inaf Pd)

Possibility to combine business with a visit Tuesday morning atCima Ekar Observatory: € 12.00 entire, € 8 reduced

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