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L'avaro IN BLUES troupe La Piccionaia-I Carrara .10 Aug Lusiana

Saturday 10/8/2013 at 21:00

Spettacolo Teatrale L'AVARO IN BLUES a Lusiana con la compagnia teatrale La Piccionaia - I Carrara; il 10 agostoPlay the miser IN Lusiana BLUES with the theatre company La Piccionaia-I Carrara; the August 10

Saturday 10 August at 20.45 hours in Piazza IV Novembre in Lusiana theatre company "La Piccionaia-I Carrara" will stage the show "the miser in Blues", freely adapted from the Miser by Molière.

Admission is free. In case of bad weather, the show will be postponed to Saturday, August 24.
For information 7771766 393.


Dramaturgy and directingKetti Grunchi
With Marco Artusi, Organic Evarossella, Matteo Cremon, David Davis, Gianluigi (Igi) Mahmoud, Beatrice Niero
Artistic AdviceMark Artus

InStingy Molière, openly inspired one of the most famous plays of Plautus, "Aulularia" and reassembles on a score in tune to the Commedia dell'Arte. This show is playing today the reason de L'avaro in Blues. The result is to project between the laughter of the miser character in reality, to take them away from parody , for ritrovarne the complexity, the solitude and the reasons. The network of family relations where it lives Arpagone is woven of hatreds and conflicts without hope, because everyone, out of necessity or for convenience, dance music played by the old miser. Music that sings the weight of having to be breadwinner and having to procure the money they squanderall. Music that "makes us see the Blue Devils". "The Blues you can't clean up all that much; must be grezzo and intense, must flow from visceraspontaneous. Blues and good pronunciation does not go together. To play it well, you dirty, you must split the words!" B.B. King

A text of folk tradition becomes a paradigm of passions humaines: love, fear of loss, hatred, jealousy. Theattachment to power, the relationship between generations, the lust for wealth, brought to their full power, they become cause for humor and afterthought.
"The miser in blues" is an unusual coupling and, at the same time, faithful to a tradition of Popular Theatre: that between the Theatre and the music; Indeed in this case the passions of Theatre experience that music that is the same passion: the blues. The two souls of the group, the popular theatre and the music of blues and jazz meet, merging and practising.
Theaim is to sink the mind and body in a Popular Theatre able to enter theintimate of a very broad audience, going to scramble the symbols, archetypes, memories, maintaining at the same time the ability of laughter and the dramatic tension .


In 2009 Ketti Grunchi, Carlo Presotto and Marco Artusi boot damage to the formation of a new company of Folk art Theater inside the Dovecote"A Midsummer night's dream" and "Ciranò and its intrusive nose" are the first two performances of a project that has a reference to the entire audience, kids and adults, theatres and squares, of laymen and of critics. A theatre in which the guest of honor is always the Viewerwith its dreams and its dreams. A theatre-need to communicate simple and complicated humanity, astonished, comic poem candor. A traveling theater, where the show is the final stage of a project that develops in time and space with meetings and discoveries.

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