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Basic computer Technology course from 18 November Canove, Asiago plateau

Dal 18/11/2014 al 31/12/2014

Corso Informatica Canove di Roana, Altopiano di AsiagoStarting from Tuesday, 18 November 2014 will begin the course of information technology-based communication organized by Pro Loco di Canove in Comune di Roana, Asiago plateau.

The course has a total time of 20 Hours, divided into 10 lessons from 2 hours each. Evening hours and not (4/6 hours/week).

More information on registration, description and prerequisites, Central Secretariat or directly to the course.

Entry mode

Interested parties should make the appropriate application form, present at the Pro Loco di Canove located in via Roma 43. Developed courses on age groups.

Business hours of the Secretariat


Hours 9.00-12.00/15.00-18.00


Hours 9.00-12.00

Contact Details

Tel. - Fax 0424 692125

Email [email protected]


Mr. Alessandro Paganin

Cell. 342 9160452

Email [email protected]

Information technology course program-basic communication

1. Introduction and basic concepts in the use of technology

The tech world, the main components of a personal computer, hardware and software, processor, memory, and input devices, output devices, and memory archive

2. Introduction and basic concepts in the use of technology 2

Weights and Bit, speed devices, storage systems, different technological platforms-desktop-portatilinas-tablet-cloud

3. using the computer and managing files

Introduction to Windows and Apple operating systems, Windows 7 and 8, the mouse, the working environment, the desktop/desktop, start menu, settings

4. using the computer and managing files 2

Creating file management and organization, Control Panel, search and guide systems

5. using the computer and managing files 3

System applications, processes, software versions and copyright

6. Introduction to Microsoft Office package

UI, Office Tools, inserting and formatting text with World, document printing

7. use of the Microsoft Office package and email

Introduction to Outlook, e-mail, email boxes configuration, transmission and reception, create and send mail, stocks

8. the Internet

Introduction to the World Wide Web, family-related Technology, virtual communication, use of the Web and navigation, Web searches

9. sharing computer data

Connections, acrobat PDF and compressed files, network connections, file shares, protocols, and services working groups

10. computer networks

The router/modem, overview of Cybersecurity, the Hacker, Webcam and environment control, entertainment systems and technological interaction in today's society

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