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Classical music concert beyond the ' opera, Roana 22 July 2013

Monday 22/7/2013 at 21:00

Concerto di musica classica "Oltre l'opera" a Roana

Classical music concert " beyond the ' opera ", Roana-22 July 2013

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner, Culture & music offers fans an evening not to be missed: the soprano Cristina Villani and pianist Fulvio Galanti are the interpreters of a concert entitled "beyond the opera", which will take place on Monday, 22 July 2013 at 21.00 hours, in s. Giustina Room to Roana.

In the year that combines the Wagnerian and Verdi celebrations, the most famous theatres are staging their most representative and operatic masterpieces.
This proposal arises from an idea a bit contrarian: to give spacein an environment more gathered as the concert hall and in the execution of the duo to lieder (voice and piano), Chamber production in which both Masters have ventured.

Moreover, compared to the great operatic settings, even in the context of the most intimate Lieder microcosm can appreciate the peculiar characteristics of the musicians, in happy Union between music and speech, between voice and instrument.
Green is In the ability to hatch the characters and situations with a clear reference to theatrical dramatization; in Wagner, also a master of the scene but less attracted to the Chamber, Vocality the orchestral thinking in the use of the piano, in which experiencing the weave and harmonic atmosphere that characterized his masterpieces.

Complete the celebratory vein even Britten and Poulenc, known by most instrumental production not for that play, (although Britten did not forget "The Beggar's Opera", "Opera inspired by 3 money" by k. Weilland "Peter Grimes"). Deep and appreciated both connoisseurs of quality literature (Rimbaud, Pushkin, Michelangelo, Eluard, Yeats, Blake just to mention some of the poets whose poems have inspired their music) in their excellent production gave us some of the most beautiful pages and features of this genre.

The marriage between Hennie van Niekerk and Fulvio Galanti was born from ' intent to permanently combine and enrich personal experience, previous experience from a long and significant concert activity both in Italy that all foreign '; the common predilection for vocal Chamber is having a reference which translates into precise choices of repertoire, dedicated exclusively to the vast international Lieder production, including one inspired by the popular tradition, ranging from 700 to 900 ' ' history.

Already individually awarded in national and international competitions, the two musicians play a ' artistic activity that brought them to perform, (guests important exhibitions and Musical Associations), with rich and diverse programs, devoted to different aspects of European Chamber music and vocalism outside Europe.
The Duo won, among others, the 2° Prize (1° not assigned), and the Special Prize at the international competition "Gold Palm d '" of Finale Ligure and the 1° prize at the ' International Music Competition "Caffa Righetti in Cortemilia.

As always, the ' entrance is free of charge.

For information: www. artemusicaroana.it; artemusica.roana@keycomm.it or 349.4673264

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