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Exoplanets, hunting for a new Earth, September 6, 2016, Asiago Observatory

Tuesday 6/9/2016 at 21:00
Esopianeti, studio ad Asiago

Evening at the Observatory of Asiago plateau on the hunt for new planets

Tuesday 6 September 2016 from 21.00 at theAstronomical Observatory of Asiago, there will be a pleasant evening with the theme "Exoplanets: hunting for a new Earth".

An event open to all ages, to find out what's on the outside of our solar system.
In case of clear sky, visiting and remote observation with Schmidttelescope.

What are exoplanets?

Exoplanets are planets light years away from us, outside the solar system.

Their existence was tested in 1995 by the work of Swiss researchers Didier Queloz and Michel Mayor – and later also confirmed the United States Geoff Marcy and Robert Butler – who from the Geneva Observatory discovered gravitate around the star 51 Pegasi, a exstrasolare planet with a mass similar to Jupiter. Since that day, thanks largely to the introduction of increasingly precise and advanced detection systems, sightings of exoplanets have multiplied.


Full price: 10 €
Reduced: (up to 11 years, employees and students of UniPd and Inaf PD) 5 €
Possibility to combine business with a visit Tuesday morning atCima Ekar Observatory: 12 €, 8 € reduced.

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