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Eyes on Saturn and beyond, lecture at the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago

Saturday 20/6/2015 at 20:30
Poster occhi su saturno asiago

Eyes on Saturn and beyond, and observation Conference by the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago, June 20, 2015

Saturday 20 June 2015 at theAstronomical Observatory of Asiago, Pennar, come to discover Saturn, considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious planets of our galaxy with the "Eyes on Saturn and beyond": a initial Conference with the observation telescope Galileo.

From 20.30, then retrace the history of his observations and discover the planet approaching toAstronomy.


  • Hours 20.30 "Eyes on Saturn and beyond" Conference. Cesare Barbieri
  • hours 22.00 opening of PlanItalia
  • hours 22. 30 spectroscopic observation of Saturn and Visual observation of Saturn and guide to the night sky
  • 23hours 30 evening deadline.
  • in case of bad weather the event will be carried out with the following modifications:

  • 22.30 hours visit to the telescope Galileo;
  • 23.30 hours end evening.


Saturn is a gaseous planet and is the second in size after Jupiter, which it resembles. Its main feature is formed by rings that surround it. Orbit around the Sun at a distance of 1 billion 429 million km. It has a yellowish color due to the clouds that cover and density is the lightest planet.


tickets cost 4 € adults, 3 € children – for the participation you need to book and buy your ticket in advance at the TOURIST Office of Asiago.

To contact the IAT press buttons below.

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