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Feast of Sant'Antonio 2015, Sasso di Asiago, big top Calà del Sasso

Dal 12/6/2015 al 21/6/2015
Festa sant antonio sasso di asiago

Feast of Sant'Antonio 2015, Sasso di Asiago, big top Calà del Sasso, 12/13/14 Plateau/19-20-21 June

As every year, also for the 2015 in Sasso di Asiago held traditional Festa di San Antonio.

La sagra, felt especially by the inhabitants of the village but also from around theAsiago plateau, will last two weekends in June: from Friday 12 to Sunday, 14 in the first tranche and the following week from Friday 19 to Sunday 21.

For the duration of the Festival, a rich food stand with typical dishes as well as fish and fries will be available to delight attendees. Also: Green spetzle, polenta and baccalà, musso, tripe, mixed Grill and many other specialities.

Wonderful craft beers on tap: two varieties of red and blonde to satisfy all tastes and eagerly in the company.

Music, DJ and dancing will enliven the hot evenings of June and smaller will compete in 3 Sant'Antonio Cup tournament football, organised by the Società Sportiva Saba held at sports facilities of the Sasso di Asiago.

After 11 years back the InterBar Tournament, a tournament in which they can participate only the countries that are part ofseven Municipalities Plateau; each country will deploy its representative team in a 8-a-side football tournament , up to a maximum of 8 teams in the spirit of friendship and healthy competition in order to bring together all the countries ofthe Asiago plateau.

A rich family Lottery with extraction Sunday 21 prizes with voucher up to € 400.

Art show with Bruno Baù, local painter and Valeria Lobbia photographer.



  • Happy hours 18.00 Spritz and food standopen: trout-fish fry-horse steak
  • 20.00 hours directly from disco snoopy Leigh
  • SassoRock 22.30 hours-Italian Tribute-beer drinking music
  • hours 24.00 after-hour: beer and sandwich onto for everyone with Music ManuelDJ


  • 9.30 a.m. Parish Church of Sant'Antonio, Holy Mass
  • 12.00 hours all for lunch with "tones" – celebrating all Antonio
  • hours 14.30 Santa Procession
  • hours 15.00 InterBar Trophy: A1-A2/A3-A4/16.00 17.00 18.00 B1-B2-B3-B4
  • hours 21.00 dance essay Asiago Dance School "Sandra Rossi"
  • SassoLiscio 21.30 hours-Festival of dance with Renzo Biondi


  • 9.00 a.m.- 3° Trofeo Antonio Cup with newcomers
  • 11.00 a.m. Holy Mass
  • opening hours 12.00 food stand
  • hours 14.00 InterBar Tournament A1-A3/A2-A4/15.00 16.00 B1-B3/B2-B4 17.00
  • 15.30 hours traditional games for children (rababandiera, break pignatta...)
  • hours 21.00 SassoLatina with animation exhibition with Asiago Sauce
  • SassoLiscio 21.30 hours-festival of dance with Elisa Perin


  • Happy hours 18.00 Spritz and opening food stand: trout-fish fry-Horse steak
  • 20.00 hours from disco Snoopy Leigh
  • SassoLatina 21.00 hours-(grapperia) animation with Asiago Sauce
  • SassoRock 22.30 hours-music with Blonde Brothers with the Super host Benedetta Carretta directly from "Io Canto" and "The Voice"
  • 24.00 hours after-hours with beer and sandwich onto for all Music ManuelDJ


  • hours 15.00 InterBar Tournament: A1-A4/A3/A2-16.00 17.00 18.00 B4/B1-B2-B3
  • 18.00 opening hours food stand
  • SassoLiscio 21.30 hours-festival of dance music with Omar Lambertini


  • hours 9.30 3 Sant'Antonio Cup tournament, chicks and little friends for info 347 6003103
  • opening hours 12.00 food stand
  • hours 14.00 InterBar Tournament: Semifinals Semifinal 2 1/15.00-16.00-final 3° -4° spot/17.00 Final
  • 15.30 hours traditional games for children
  • SassoLiscio 21.00 hours-festival of dance music with mark and the Clan
  • 23.00 hours extracting the winning lottery tickets of Sant'Antonio

The Park's heated big top Calà del Sasso of 800 sqm, a dance floor of 400 sqm and a wifi area for web connections.

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