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Festival "IMAGES of RUSSIA", the film "the White Tiger" by Karen Shakhnazarov

Saturday 14/2/2015 at 17:30

Film la tigre bianca di karen shakhnazarovSaturday, February 14 from 17.30 hours beginning Russian Arts Festival "images of Russia" with the screening of the film "the White Tiger" by Karen Shakhnazarov.

The screening of the film will take place at the Cinema Jiminy cricket of Asiago and will attend Mrs. Tatiana Shumova, Director of international programs and his Deputy Irina Borisova.

Special Guest: the film director Karen Shakhnazarov!

Russia, 2012, 104 minutes genre: war, historian

The Plot:

The White Tiger is set in the last months of World War II. The long and tiring battles are estenuando both sides. But while the advance of Soviet troops becomes more insistent, on the battlefield appears increasingly massive and unassailable German tank "the White Tiger". There is no one who can confidently affirm or deny its existence. However the Soviet command decided to create a specific tank to fight it-the special T-34 model. The head of the crew of this tank Gets a man marked by a singular fate: a severely burned in tanker battle, destined to die but unexpectedly in his place when it comes to fighting dangerous enemy again.

She doesn't know your name, you do not remember the past, but captures an extraordinary ability to understand the language of the wagons. It is convinced of the existence of the mysterious German tank and the need to destroy it: the White Tiger represents the horrors of war and blood shed. Take the mystical Monster hunt – will get the better of him? The Director, without distorting the facts of history and making reference to the characters actually existed, adds to the storytelling of the mystical elements and proposes an interpretation of the war as the perennial struggle between good and evil.

We look forward to many cinema!

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