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Giro Delle Malghe: full-moon hike at the July 20 Caltrano

Saturday 20/7/2013 at 19:00

Giro delle Malghe con la Luna - Rifugio Bar Alpino, CaltranoGiro Delle Malghe: full-moon hike between the Busa Barrow panoramas, Paù and Opening night of magic forest, the 20 July Caltrano 

On the occasion of the full moon on July 20, the Alpine Hut Bar Caltrano remains open for much of the night! We propose to take at night, starting at 19.00 hours, the scenic hill-country tour to admire the wide open spaces and woodland of this corner of Highland and walk over the lights of the plain.

Departure and the conditions are totally free and independently.

With Charles, our Guide, we offer anexcursion to sunset and full moon between the Busa Barrowpanoramas, Paù Nozzle and m. Zovetto and the magic of the forestat night.

During the journey we are accompanied by the last lights of the day that will paint the outlines of the mountains and having luck we can admire some animals of the forest, going back to the Shelter with the filtered light from the trees.

In Refuge there will be also some impassioned amateur astronomers, who with their telescopes will accompany you to scrutinize the bright night sky!





19 Hours: departure guided hike from the refuge

About 22 Hours: conclusion of the guided hike at the refuge

From 22: amateur astronomers begin to show the sky with their own telescopes!



For those who take part in the guided tour, the cost is 10 euros, including accompaniment from our hiking Guide environmental and insurance for the duration of the trip.

For those who want to dine at the refuge, special price:
10 € for the first dish, dessert, coffee, water 0.5 lt or 0.25 litres wine
15 € for the first dish, second dish, dessert, coffee, water or wine 0.5 0.25 lt

Details Rifugio Alpino di Matteo Bar Bagonza

Tel.   0445-1958025
Cell. 328-9759934
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RifugioBarAlpino
Loc. Puddle of Favaro-Caltrano (VI)

We recommend the use of appropriate clothing for a hike in the mountains (hiking boots, sweater, backpack, kw, any sticks, battery, etc.)

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