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Hoga Zait-Cimbric Festival: culture and entertainment in Roana, 5-20 July 2014

Dal 5/7/2014 al 20/7/2014
Hoga zait 2014 festival cimbro roana altopiano asiago

Hoga Zait-Cimbric Festival: culture, concerts, performances and shows in Roana, Asiago plateau, from the July 20, 2014 5

Also this year the municipality of Roana offers Hoga Zait-Cimbric Festival (literally means beautiful weather Zait Hoga and then party time), culture and entertainment event involving the resident population, minority "Cimbra", and our guests.

The 9th Edition will take place from 5 to July 20, 2014 in the territory of the Comune di Roana on theAsiago plateau. Hoga Zait is a cultural event has grown over the years to become an important event for residents and for tourists, cha send enquiries about the new edition already since the early months of the year.


This year Hoga Zait back to basics and then becomes The Cimbric Festival. This choice stems from the desire and the need to support and preserve the local tradition, reminding everyone, residents and tourists, our origins and our Cimbrian identity.

With this In mind we offer two weeks of performances, cultural events and concerts that take place in the hamlets of the municipality of Roana, anticipated this year by the return of an event born many years ago and restored in 2012 thanks to a group of young Roan municipality: El Campanon dei Cimbri.

Hoga Zait manages to remain active and purposeful with the Pro Loco, Cimbrian Culture Institute, public and private institutions that support economically the Festival. We are therefore also this year to Hoga Zait. Hörtan Büar!!!


The musical performances of the Festival will instead perform internationally renowned artists like The Sidh, a young, dynamic, always on the lookout for new ideas and musical combinations, while not forgetting its roots. The result is a combination of topical and modern Celtic music is made to hip hop rhythms mixed to Breton sound.

Another group known at international level will be Fullset, young Irish musicians who know how to create a surprising and unique sound. In recent years this group has achieved great critical success and are quickly becoming one of the most popular bands in the Irish music scene today.

And then: Patrizia Laquidara extraction Poet maudit -cosi is defined for her writing-is considered one of the spearheads of the authors Italian singers. His is described as a breaking voice, sometimes sweet and sinuous elsewhere fiery and disruptive, with a stunning ability to fascinate and bewitch.


These musical moments alternate cultural events like an evening on Profugato of 1916 which helped to cut sharply the Cimbrian language tradition in Plateau, local tradition alive moments like the Zeleghen Baibelen evening, the presentation of books on our ethnicity, the market of ancient crafts, playful educational moments for kids and adults, the participation of Schellaträgar that keep the bells symbol of our roanesi fractions, the typical gastronomic products, participation of volunteers in costume.


Saturday 5 July Saastakh

Camporovere Kamparube

15.00 Hours - parade of Schellaträgar, from Camporovere church with teams representing six countries in traditional costume, participants de La Campanela and Monte Lèmerle of Cesuna band
15.30 Hours -At the start of the competition Court-the smallest, La Campanela. The competition will follow de El Campanon dei Cimbri
Hours 18.00 – award ceremony and awarding of trophies
21.00 Hours - food Stand with typical specialities and party with the Frenetika and Dj Glamn

Saturday 12 July Saastakh

Treschè Conca Kunka

16.30 Hours – At the gardens of big top Hoga Zait Inauguration with the participation of Schellaträgar del Comune di Roana. Ista gabest an botta, (once upon a time) evocation of ancient crafts
Hours 17.00 -giant Funds Square bench-presentation of the book by Paola Hammer Ista gabest an whacked with the most beautiful fairy tales of magical characters of the Cimbric
18.00 Hours -At the big top- An premple met tzimbarn ... the Cimbric aperitif!

Canove Roan

21.00 Hours -Theatre- Patrizia Laquidara in concert

Sunday 13 July Suntakh

Camporovere Kamparube

16.30 O'clock – Roller-skating field- laboratory of animated reading of Cimbri Fables
Hours 19.00 -field of Roller-skating- food Stand with cimbri products made with dumplings
21.00 Hours – Roller-skating field- The Sidh in concert (Celtic hip hop)

Wednesday, 16 July Mittoch

Roan Robaan

21.00 Hours – Cimbrian Cultural Institute- presentation of Siban beerte balt, beerte biiza siban (seven times seven times, Forest Lawn), the new book by Paola Hammer; Legends of the Cimbri Community on flora and fauna

Thursday, 17 July Fiitztach

Treschè Conca Kunka

21.00 Hours – Fontana degli Elfi- Fullset in concert. Celtic and Irish traditional music

Friday 18 July Vraitack

Canove Roan

21.00 Hours -Parish Theatre-talk Cimbro? In Prison! Refugees. Vicenza stories of the great war. Projections of vintage film clips, readings from the students of the Institute g. Chilesotti of Thiene (VI)

Saturday 19 July Saastack

Cesuna Kan Züne

15.00 Hrs – village centre- The petroglyphs of the Val d Assa, educational workshops of archaeology for kids
16.00 Hours – village Center- We went, ancient fairy tales and legends of the Cimbric
17.30 Hours – the Centre of the village- the ancient art of making cheese, demonstration with ancient methods
21.00 Hours -Località Pineta- fairy tale of Zelighen Bàiblen Extravaganza, with walk from village centre

Sunday 20 July Suntack

Roan Robaan

16.00 Hours Ancient washhouse-Sanguinelli, anguane, basilisks: build a scacciaspiriti. Workshop for children and parents, with snack
21.00 Hours -big top- Altaburg musico-imaginative drama dedicated to the amori impossibili. Pierangelo Tamiozzo in concert, texts taken from the book by Paola Hammer


Treschè Valley Resort Chalet

Via Campiello – Treschè Laver
Open every day 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00
Phone 69 43 61 0424
Fax 0424 41 57 45
Email turismo@comune.roana.vi.it

Office of tourism, sports, culture and education at the municipal seat of Canove

Via Milano, 32 – Canove
Opening hours from Monday to Friday, 10.00-13.00; Thursday, 16.00-18.00
Tel 0424 22 69 12
Fax 0424 20 69 19
Email turismo@comune.roana.vi.it

I.A.T. ASIAGO PLATEAU, and Tourist Information

Via Stazione, 5- Asiago
Opening hours from Monday to Saturday, 8.30-12.30 and 14.30-18.30; Sundays and holidays: 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00
Tel 0424 46 22 46 26 61/21
Fax 0424 46 24 45
Email iat.asiago@provincia.vicenza.it


Roana is part ofAsiago 7 Comuni Plateau situated on the Venetian Prealps, in the province of Vicenza. Accessed primarily from the highway A4 to Piovene Rocchette and cost road SP 349. Other gateway are from Trento the SS47, from Bassano del Grappa the Tortima SP148, finally the SS47 from Primolano.

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