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Hoga Zait 2013: the Cimbri Creole music and culture meet in Roana July

Dal 12/7/2013 al 21/7/2013

Hoga Zait 2013 - Frontiera Cimbra sul MondoHoga Zait, 2013: The Cimbri meet the Louisiana Creole Music and Culture in Roanoke July 12 to 21

For the month of July, Friday 12, 13, 14, Thursday 18, 19, 20 and Sunday 21, will be held l '"Hoga Zait 2013," an annual event based on music and culture. The various events will take place in the countries Canove, Camporovere, Roanoke, Conca, Cesuna and Treschè Conca.


The first weekend will focus on the world by touching various aspects of Creole culture of Louisiana in various angles and squares of our town you can feel and enjoy the "street music bands", a small group of street musicians who with their music we will live and hear the echoes and the sounds of distant lands,offering to people with the same spirit of the tradition of the French Quarter of New Orleans and the many villages scattered in Louisiana. 
Each evening will be offered several concerts in various towns in the district with artists originating in Louisiana as Andy J Forest Band or Alligator Nail that with their performance they will make us better understand the landscape of American Creole music, influenced zydeco, Cajun, to the sounds of blues / jazztypical of the culture of these lands. Roland Tchakounte instead african combines typical sounds of theMississippi to harmonie balìmekè, inspired by his country, Cameroon. Another significant event is represented by the showcase, an invitation to be part of the 'artist Carmelo Genovese to travel around thesouthern United States, with music and words inspired by the stories contained in his best-selling book"New Orleans and Louisiana" in series "Guides rock ". Will be proposed also an encounter between theCreole cuisine and cooking cimbra in a lunch and a dinner on Sunday in Roanoke.

The following weekend will be dedicated to the native traditions: as early as Thursday to Treschè Conca will be the gap between the world and the purely Creole cimbro with a concert cimber blue's specially prepared by 'Association StranaMusica. The next day the 'Association of Roanoke Artemusica cure a theatrical andmusical inspired by the music of Wagner and the Nordic myths and Saturday Cesuna will set up the evening of Zeleghen Baiblen, anticipated by an afternoon dedicated to archeology workshops for children, fairy talesand legends, as well as the extemporaneous production of the cheese.

The final moment of Hoga Zait ® 2013 Treschè Conca will be marked by a concert of the group C & C Maxigross of cimbra Lessinia, winners of Arezzo Wave 2012, which will offer a series of pieces inspired by their homeland. The afternoon will instead be preceded by ethnic group Rio Tera, a mix of ethnic groups isdifficult to find.


The music of Louisiana has historical roots extremely interesting and sees part in its formation at least two cultures and traditions very different from each other. In addition to the clear influence of "black"represented, since the first deportations slavery, blues and its ancestral forms, strongly contributes also theCajun, which is a version of the 1 7th and 18th centuries of French rural dialect still spoken as in Most of French Canada. 
The Zydeco thus represents the 'creative wing of what is commonly known as the blues of Louisiana, the changing expression of a culture rather compressed, not too fond of the changes that it may intervene to vary in a daily life inherited from many generations. It also represents the fulcrum on which to operate to avoid being marginalized by a 'inevitable dynamic that involves passing certain criteria and at most their recovery in key revival.



Vraitakh Friday 12 July - Canove Roan 
16 pm - Council Chamber of the Town Hall - Opening of the festival: Creole culture and musical interludes. 

16.45 - In the squares of the country - Street Music by: 
Andy J Forest Acoustic Show, Max Prandi One Man Band, Randy Red Choen 19th Street. 

21 hours - Cinema theater church - Roland Tchakounte Band in concert.

Saastakh Saturday July 13 - Camporovere Kamparube 
16.30 - Conteiner - via VIII Agosto, 201 - Camporovere Zideco & Blues Jam session with Randy Choen 19th Street Red, Acoustic Alligator, Elli de Mon and "bluesmen Cimbri." 

19 hours - Range Skettinaggio - Stand cimbr the gourmet dishes. 

21 hours - Range Skettinaggio - Nails Alligator Band in Concert.

Suntakh Sunday July 14th - Roanoke Robaan 
11 am - Palatenda - Show Case, Carmelo Genovese between words and music presents the book: "New Orleans and Louisiana." 

12.30 - Palatenda - The kitchen cimbra meets Creole cuisine - food stand. 

17 hours - In the squares of the country - with Street Music: Red Wine Serenaders Duo, The Fabolous Fonzarelli Brothers, Gnola Blues Duo. 

19.30 - Palatenda - The kitchen cimbra meets Creole cuisine - food stand. 

21 hours - Palatenda - New Orleans Music Night with the "Andy J Forest Band" in concert.

Fiitztakh Thursday 18th July - Roanoke Robaan 
16 hours - Institute of Culture Cimbra - Presentation of the reprint of the historical book "Privileges originating in the seven municipalities" - Introduction by Prof. Sergio and Dr. Bonato. Giancarlo Bortoli. 

Fiitztakh Thursday 18th July - Treschè Conca Kunka 
21 hours - Palatenda - "Cimbreolo" show concert on mixing of cultural elements of ethnic music and Cimbri, African and Creole. Edited by StranaMusica.

Vraitakh Friday July 19 - Roanoke Robaan 
21 hours - Pond Lonaba - "Siegfried" Hero of humanity in a world of gods. The Norse myths and theNibelung in the show inspired by the work of R. Wagner. Edited by Artemusica Culture.

Saastakh Saturday July 20 - Cesuna Kan Zune 
15.30 - Village center - "The rock carvings of Val d'Assa": workshops for children; "We spun:" legends oftradition cimbra; "The ancient art of making cheese with ancient materials and methods." Edited byArcheidos. 

20.45 - Meeting at the station forecourt Ex for the torchlight procession up in local pinewood. Followed by the spectacle of fairy Zelighen Bàibelen. 

Saastakh Saturday July 20 - Roanoke Robaan 
18 hours - Via R. Sartori (front Ist Culture Cimbra) - Unveiling of the monument dedicated to the memory ofHugo Resch, a great lover of the language Cimbra the Seven Towns.

Suntakh Sunday July 21 - Treschè Conca Kunka 
17 hours - Fountain of the Elves - Rio Tera: The kombat folk band in concert in Venice. 
21 hours - Palatenda - C + C = Maxigros: from the mountains of Lessinia the winners of Arezzo Wave 2012concert.


Chalet tourist Treschè Conca 
Hours: 9:00 to 12:00 every day 15.00-18.00. 
Via Campiello - Treschè Conca 
Phone: 0424 69 43 61 
Fax: 0424 45 41 57 
Mail: turismo@comune.roana.vi.it

Office of Tourism, Sport, Culture and Education at the municipal seat of Canove 
Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 13:00, Thu 16:00 to 18:00 
Via Milano, 32 - Canove 
Tel: 0424 69 22 12 
Fax: 0424 69 20 19 
Mail: turismo@comune.roana.vi.it

IAT Asiago plateau, Tourist Information and Accommodation 
Via Stazione, 5 - Asiago 
Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:30 Sunday and holidays: 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00 
Tel: 0424 46 22 21/46 26 61 
Fax: 0424 46 24 45 
Mail: iat.asiago @ provincia.vicenza.it 
www.vicenzae.org - www.provincia.vicenza.it - ​​www.palladio2008.info


Roanoke is part of the 'Asiago Plateau - Seven municipalities located on the Venetian pre-Alps, in the province of Vicenza. It is accessed primarily from 'out of' motorway A4 Arsiero and along the Route Cost SP 349. Other doorways are from the Trento SS47, from Bassano del Grappa Tortima the SP148, then theSS47 from Primolano.

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