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Hoga Zait 2015 Cimbrian frontier on the world, Asiago plateau, Roana-8 Jul 19

Dal 8/7/2015 al 19/7/2015

Hoga zait 2015 roana altopiano di asiago

Hoga Zait 2015 Cimbrian frontier on the world (words meaning "Cimbrinice time" or "high time", then time to party for the cimbri) is a cultural festival organized by the Comune di Roana and its fractions (Camporovere, Canove, Mezzaselva, Treschè and Basin Canove) and involving all theAsiago plateau.

From8 to 19 July 2015, the traditional feast takes as its theme in its tenth edition "Australia, migration and multicultural interaction": the land in question, then, is the Australia, with its mysterious Aboriginal people and that generation that originally departed fromseven Municipalities Plateau to try to escape the misery caused primarily by two world wars. It is indeed rare to find in a plateau that has no family connections with the southern continent.

In this course we will try to present this world so far from our reality but so close in thought and in the blood.
Through "Hoga Zait", therefore, we offer two weeks of performances, cultural events, workshops, historical re-enactments, exhibitions, concerts, folkloric moments and games that will take place in all the villages of the municipality of Roana.


This year Hoga Zait, arrived in 2015 to 10th Edition in the Asiago plateau, becomes in the world the Cimbrian Frontier: the new "Cimbri", the "Cimbri" are the modern inhabitants of these magnificent surroundings in the plateau they don't want at all to forget a spectacular and important tradition, so ingrained that lights up in many young people. Hoga Zait lives thanks to the collaborations and the actors of this "Cimbro festival" in a festive atmosphere, serenity, joy and spirit of integration and unity, rich in historical, social values and human.

Cimbri in festa Hoga Zait a Roana

With this in mind we offer twelve days of shows, cultural events and concerts that will be held in Roana common fractions.

Hoga Zait manages to remain active and purposeful thanks to Pro Loco, Municipal Culture Institute, Cimbrian public and private institutions that support economically the Festival. We wait then this year to Hoga Zait. Hörtan Büar!!!


The musical performances of Festival in Christchurch will perform internationally famous artists: Martin O'Loughlin & Toma, Australian artists fascinated by the world of the aborigines and David Hudson, famous Australian Aboriginal artist and musician that promotes recital set with "didgeridoo" native wind instruments of Northern Australia aborigines still created as "natural" instruments.


These musical moments alternate cultural meetings, workshops, conferences, films, poems and moments of local tradition alive as the evening of Zeleghen Baibelen, the presentation of books on our etnìa, the ancient crafts market, playful educational moments for children and adults, the typical gastronomic products with the inevitable involvement of volunteers in costume, to make it even more unique this Hoga Zait.


The earliest source of this people is traced back to the late 2nd century BC, when the Cimbri, Celtic or Germanic tribe, invaded the territory of the Roman Republic, settling around the Venetian Prealps and preserving language and culture. Ancient sources indicate their original seat in the North of Jutland, Denmark, called Cimbrian peninsula throughout antiquity.

The most recent incident and therefore more endorsed by the scientific community, was the descent from southern Germany South of the Alps and also on the plateau, around and especially after the year 1000 (late Middle Ages), some from groups' linguistic area Bavaro-Tyrol. It was people emigrate from Germany mostly peacefully, seeking land to farm for a living, often guided by Bishops, Imperial representatives, religious orders, as is explicitly by some historical documents.


Cimbro countries of Asiago plateau: Robaan (Roan), Roan (Canove), Kamparube (Camporovere), Kan Züune (Cesuna), Kunka (Treschè Valley), Sléghe (Asiago), Ghèl (Gallium), Wüsche (come on), Lusaan (Stockport), Ghènebe (Enego), Ròtz (Rotzo), Kunken (Conco), Toballe (Mezzaselva).


Roana is part ofAsiago plateau 7 Municipalities situated on the Venetian prealps, in the province of Vicenza. Accessed primarily from the motorway A4 to Piovene Rocchette and along the SP Cost 349. Other access road are from Trento the SS47 from Bassano del Grappa, the Tortima SP148, finally the SS47 from Primolano.

SPONSORED BY THE AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY EVENT: is a prestigious recognition that attests to theunconditional support of the Australian Government for the Festival, acknowledging and endorsing cultural aspects contained in the program. The Australian Government attaches "great value to a cultural initiative involving our two countries in shedding light on the origins of our peoples".

Hoga Zait 2015 Altopiano di Asiago

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