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Italian Championships Sprint and Middle Italy Cup Ski O Centro Fondo Campolongo

Dal 9/2/2013 al 10/2/2013

Campionati e Coppa Italia di Ski-oItalian Championships Sprint and Middle Italy Cup Ski-O Centro Fondo Campolongo and 9 February 10, 2013

Saturday 9 and Sunday, February 10, 2013, at the Centro Fondo Campolongo Rotzo, held the Italian Championships Sprint and Middle Italy Cup of Ski-o.

From all over Italy will cross-country orienteering and to compete in the ski area of ' the Asiago plateau.

The starting point is the ski, with his techniques and his equipment.

The race formula consists in looking for some control points, obligatorily placed along the track, which the contestant must reach as quickly as possible by choosing the path that believes more congenial choosing from the many slopes onto the ground to form a veritable spider's Web on the map.

Try you too!

Possibility to ski on dedicated routes, where even the novice or beginner can place a sample and try to navigate with map and compass on skis.

Italian Sprint Ski Championships Schedule-or 2013:

14.00 hours Opening at Bottom Centre secretariat;

Hours 14.30 registration Closing Cat. Rookies;

15.00 hours Before departure;

Hours 17.00 awards.

Coppa italia Middle Ski Program-or 2013:

09.30 Opening hours at the Fund secretariat;

Closing entries 10.00 o'clock Cat. Rookies;

10.30 hours Before departure;

Hours 14.00 awards.

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