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Kids the MAGIC of BOSCO Cason 27/07 Wonderland Treschè Laver

Sunday 27/7/2014
La magia del bosco - Cason delle Meraviglie

Workshop for children the MAGIC of the FOREST with the Carlson Laver in Wonderland Treschè, Asiago plateau, the July 27, 2014

Sunday 27 July 2014 at the Cason of wonders to Treschè Conca, Asiago plateau, there will be children's activities, the magic of the forest.


The discovery of the forest and its inhabitants through the five sensesand. ..
Approach children discovering the treeof life in the undergrowth, which always urge their curiosity, and with the help of the gnomes: the guardians of the forest we will introduce the concept of environmental educationand ...

Along the way, the children will be involved in evidence-the game based on thesense of smell (recognize plants by the smell, the scent of flowers and smells of the Earth); the touch (recognize Bush's products); onhearing (to distinguish the sounds of pine forest: birds singing, the music of the leaves); on vista (to recognize colors, shapes, observation of the underbrush and fauna).

Through theuse of senses is taught to young guests: theobservation of the landscape, identify the tree by the shape of the leaves, making of frottage on the bark of trees, recognition in the field of animal tracks and signs of the organisms that inhabit the forest.

Through legends and fairy tales will enter in the fantastic forest and discover the villaggio of the guardians of nature: the gnomesto ... meet their characteristics (how they live, who they are) and with anecdotes and stories we will learn to use the good mountain herbs and to discover a new forest.


full day

€ 10,00

Hours 9.30/10.00-16.00-16.30

half a day

€ 6,00

Morning hours 9.30-12.30, 14.00-16.30 P.m.

just visit at the farm

€ 3,00

per person


Our farm is surrounded by greenery in the area north of Treschè Basin, with wide panoramic view on theAsiago plateau and in particular on the Roanese Riviera, and the border mountains. This is not a farm in the strict sense, because it is located about two kilometres from thebreeding of cattle and other animals. In fact, it looks like a large area of pasture and meadow which is part of anancient mountain where most of our activities.

In this pristine and magical environment animals graze in peace: bunnies, chickens, geese, ducks, pheasants, mallards, turkeys, ochi cignati, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, cows and calves. Also in the nearby Woods you can closely observe fruit trees, larch, spruce, ash, beech, and the lives of wild animals and the village of gnomes. Anacademic Beehive makes it possible to study the world of bees.


All activities are done by reservation, even during the week, and will be carried out based on the number of persons concerned

All rights reserved.

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