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Massimo Bubola presents "Il Testamento del Capitano" on Gallium

Thursday 31/7/2014 at 20:45
Massimo Bubola Concerto Il Testamento del Capitano

The new disk to the 100th anniversary of the great war

Thursday, July 31 at 20:45 at theAuditorium of Gallium in Via Roma, as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the great war, there will be a meeting with Massimo Bubola: musician, author, poet and man of letters who more than any other has worked on the "construction" of a language Italian folk-rock, both in first "behind the scenes", as a producer of memorable works of our song.

The artist has just printed the album Il Testamento del Capitano " who, in the wake of the earlier That Along Train, recover, rereads and integrates the tradition of war songs: a heritage to be rediscovered, where are stored the history and stories of lives that we bring in DNA.

For this operation, "the electric Horseman" (pseudonym with which he is known and Bubola , which portrays him in the intentions and style) relies primarily on the sounds and rhythms of the American and English folk, but without distorting the roots and the soul of the songs and the original lyrics, but reporting indeed birth to their universal sentiment. Is a repertoire that these garments could be attended by everyone, even by younger generations, that we would find so much musicality and pleasure, never into the background compared to the cultural discourse.

Il Testamento del CapitanoHaving been theAsiago plateau one of the theatres of World War I, the event will be present also the prof. Danillo Finco, authoritative voice of the historical period in question as well as expert knowledge of the local war trails.

Moderator of the meeting, which is organized by Pro Loco di Gallio, in collaboration with themunicipal administration, will Fabio Dalbrenta Veil, musicologist and music journalist.

Il Testamento del Capitano: a new disk by Massimo Bubola for the 100th anniversary of the great war

The King of folk-rock Massimo Bubola back to interpret and revisit the songs of the great war with the new album IL TESTAMENTO DEL CAPITANO after 9 years by the success of The long train of 2005, right in the 100th anniversary since the beginning of World War II. Massimo Bubola resumes and rearrange, featuring deeply with its sound and its great traditional pieces like poetry: Ta pum, Il Testamento del Capitano ", on the bridge of Perati, Scarpazi Mountains, Bombard Cortina, The translated and also proposes new and intense ballads, that in the lyrics and sounds are the theme of the great war as: From Caporetto to the Piave, the dawn that will be, Snow on snow, trench life. Close the disc the reinterpretations of two memorable songs written by Massimo Bubola on the theme of the great war: red on green and We veniam dalle Plains sung by the prestigious chorus ANA-Milan, directed by maestro Massimo Macfarlane. All revisited with the sensitivity and the experience of a great author, writer and musician, author of masterpieces of Italian song and not, as Sand Creek River, Don Raffae and the sky of Ireland, just to name a few.

Massimo Bubola

Massimo Bubola represents a unique path for consistency, musical and literary depth in the Italian panorama, in thirty-eight years of his career, he composed and played twenty albums and wrote more than 300 songs. Composer, songwriter, producer, arranger, musician, in which Massimo had a vision and a path similar to many colleagues in the UK and overseas, developing a poetics that mixing its roots in Venetian folk music with the new literature of rock and folk.

Theveronese author, in his twenty albums, published so far, will continue to develop a personal journey, which will take him also to the creation of an epic from the ballad on song portraits of historical figures as red shirts and Uruguay devoted to Garibaldi, the photographer Tina Modotti, Dino Campana at the unfortunate poet and other characters in Dostoyevsky, Annie Hannah on Anne Frank, Nisus and Euryalus on the two soldiers to martyrs ofthe Aeneid, Fiume Sand Creek on the epic of Native Americans, A wrong story on the death of Pier Paolo Paolini.

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