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MAURO CORONA men cold voice APERITIF with author, 12/8 Asiago

Tuesday 12/8/2014 at 17:30
Libro La voce degli uomini freddi di Mauro Corona

Literary meetings in Asiago Aperitif with author: the 12 August Mauro Corona presents his book the voice of men cold in collaboration with the library reached the point

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014 at the Center stage or, in case of bad weather, the Teatro Millepini of Asiago to 17.30 hours will take place the presentation of the book by Mauro Corona entitled the voice of cold men, winner of Premio Mario Rigoni Stern for Multilingual literature of France.

From 17 July to 30 August in Asiago will hold a series of events titled literary aperitif with the author, in which the authors will present his book going to reveal the backstory and curiosity.

The exhibition is organized by the library reached the point which is going on IV Novembre 63 in Asiago.

The voice of the men cold Mauro Corona

There is a people who lives in hardship a hostile land. A land where it's snowing always, even in summer, the avalanches devolving from the ridges of the mountains and the bees are white.

And men have a pale complexion, the closed character, the frozen words in his mouth. But are people capable of gratitude, of silent solidarity, men and women with an industrious instinct that causes them to endure without complaint, in fact, even working with alacrity and creative, with a joyful pridesometimes ready to enjoy the rare moments of rest, the severe beauty of the landscape, cheerful voice of their liquid field, the stream, flowing at the bottom of the Valley, gives impetus to sawmills and flour mills.

The Creek is one of the voices of these cold men only in appearance, and is thewater - snow in the liquid state, you might say, that if, on the one hand, sets in motion all the other activity triggers the drama that is suspended over those lives grame and yet, somehow, happy. Crown has accustomed us to the choral narratives, to humble epics of people who advance their compact stories without story just because nobody wanted to lower the ear to ground level to hear the plaintive voice yet exciting. Screw that, as Ungaretti wrote dei morti: do not make more noise of growing grass, pleased where man does not pass. The harmony of a tough but balanced life contrasts with the inhuman pace of the smoldering cityto ...

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