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Meeting: bears, wolves and Lynx are back in our mountains July 5 Camporovere

Friday 5/7/2013 at 18:00

Conferenza Orsi, Lupi e Linci tornano nelle nostre montagne - Altopiano Asiago 5 luglioBears, wolves and Lynx are back in our mountains, edited by d. e. la Zisa di Zovi; on 5 July in Camporovere of Roana

Friday, 5 July at 18.00 hours at the rifugio Casatanzerloch of cultural Camporovere of Roana, Daniele Zovi and Elizabeth la Zisa di speak of return of bears, wolves and lynxes to theAsiago plateau.

The Wolf

Thehabitat preferred by Wolf is characterised by lowlandareas, mountain forests and clearings. Today it is popular especially in the regions most remote of the northern hemisphere.

A Wolf has on average a territory of hunting of 100 km². To find food to enough in an inhospitable territory or desert, a Pack can come to occupy a territory of 2500 km².

At one time it was spread throughout the northern hemisphere North of the 15th parallel. Now is drastically reduced in number in the United States and in Europe.

The presence of the Wolf in Italy touched its lowest point at the beginning of the 1970s. One estimate indicated that the population had been reduced to a few hundred by wolves, focused on the mountains of Abruzzi and Calabria.

Thanks to the laws of protection, the number of wolves has grown slowly, and recent estimates the figure at about 800-1000 copies, distributed throughout theApennines, theAspromonte up to Alpes-Maritimes, with stints at the Lazio pre-Apennines crowned and in Southern Tuscany. To the North the Wolf is back in the Western Alps, bordering on Alpine massifs in France and Switzerland.

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