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MONTE INTERRUPTED: balcony on 30 December 2017 Asiago PLATEAU-guides

Saturday 30/12/2017 at 08:45

hike in places of great war with guides Altopiano di Asiago-"Monte Interrupted: a balcony on the plateau"

HIKE in PLACES of NATURE and the great war and the nature of the Asiago plateau

Broken barracks is located above the Monte Interrupted and close to Monte Mosciagh. During the Strafexpedition consumed in these places was one of the most valuable Italian army now at the mercy of the enemy.

The valiant 141 Infantry Brigade Regiment of Catanzaro with furious attacks here were able to take off on the enemy and to save some batteries from campaign. Despite this 141 troops were forced to withdraw on May 28 for the plunging of the situation in other areas of the face and leave the area permanently in the hands of the enemy.

We set off from Strong Interrupted, old military barracks, and we will cross forests steeped in history until Austro-Hungarian cemeteries among the only ones still present on the battlefields of the Cimbri and the numerous legends related to Plateau This location.


Meeting point and departure scheduled for 8.45 a.m. from the Bar to the old station near the entrance of the square the ice stadium of Asiago;

Duration: half day hearty

Fix: Media


Adults: €15

Boys: €5

Packed: a lot

Guide: Gianni mini-Environmental naturalist guide


Mountaineering boots, NO MOON BOOT, winter pants, fleece, windbreaker, hat, gloves and a total change of clothing drive.


Sunglasses, sunscreen, hot tea and hot chocolate.

Moving with your car.

Us "Plateau" we are the first group of professional guides of the plateau. We are local guides who operate on the territory of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni since 2008.  Membership to the site by members of the group ensures an intimate knowledge of the proposals and a deeply respectful approach towards the environment and its history. Our guides are mountain professionals recognized and enrolled in the province of Vicenza; they propose to accompany busloads of people hiking and tours around the area, as required by regional law No. 33 of 04/11/2002 and according to the laws of the professional bodies of which fan part.

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