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Exhibition of contemporary art at the Ethnographic Museum of the Community of Foza

Dal 12/3/2022 al 24/7/2022
Locandina mostra omaggio a mauro callellari passioni d arte collezione privata mecf primavera 2022

From 12 March to 24 July 2022 the MECFEthnographic Museum of the Community of Foza – will host a new exhibition project curated by Lucia Spolverini, in collaboration with Omar Lazzari and Sara Cappellari: "HOMAGE TO MAURO CAPPELLARI PIEROTO: PASSIONS OF ART. PRIVATE COLLECTION".

It is an exhibition of contemporary works of art: about fifty paintings - oil paintings / tempera / mixed techniques on canvas / wood - from the private collection of Mario Cappellari Pieroto.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 12 March at 18:30, with official opening to the public on Sunday 13 March.

A detailed calendar will also be structured with guided tours, courses and themed lessons , structured by age group and level of education aimed at educational institutions and holidaymakers (all subject to mandatory reservation).

Opening days and opening hours

Every Sunday, from 12 March to 24 July, from 15:00 to 19:00.

Vernissage: SATURDAY 12 MARCH 2022 at 18:30.

Anti-Covid-19 measures will be adopted and respected and all national and regional regulations in force for the entire period of exhibition and opening of the museum will be valid. Access allowed with GREEN PASS STRENGTHENED and with contingent attendance.


€ 5 full price

€ 3 reduced

Free for disabled people and a carer, children under 6 years of age and depending on those entitled

Mostra d'arte contemporanea al Mecf di Foza
I TOREADORES - Omaggio a BOTERO (oil on canvas) - Julien, 1999


"Contemporary Art is characterized by works produced with interdependent techniques and languages that the Mecf can offer to all fans of this discipline. Only a small part of the private collections is exhibited. A problem rather felt by contemporary collectors who can go down the road of deciding to make their collections available to art lovers by exhibiting them in the halls of a Museum.   A solution increasingly embraced by wealthy philanthropists in Italy and around the world and which outlines a new physiognomy of contemporary art collecting linked to a museum institution. The Mecf with this rich private collection would become for the first time a " Temporary Art Gallery" where you can admire real pictorial masterpieces, which do not condition its identity as an Ethnographic Museum, rather they complement it through an added value. Contemporary art is the set of artistic movements and trends that arose in the period after the Second World War (a common thread between Art and Historical Memory of the Mecf) even if this periodization is not always (or can be) strictly respected. Art created or represented by the end of modernism is sometimes called "postmodern art", however postmodernism can refer to both the historical context and the aesthetic approach used; moreover, many works by contemporary artists, such as those exhibited at the Mecf, do not present those key elements that characterize postmodern aesthetics. The adjective contemporary can therefore be preferred because it is more inclusive. As in the critical research of other disciplines, however, the term contemporary indicates that the period of interest and study in question has not exhausted its propulsive thrusts but that, instead, they are well alive in the present and precisely for this reason that it is difficult to define "- Lucia Spolverini

Biographical notes of the Artist Mauro Cappellari Pieroto

Mauro Cappellari Pieroto was born in 1965. Graduated from the Art Institute of Nove, he lived in Foza until the age of twenty, then moved to Asiago, Santa Margherita Ligure and found a permanent home in Bassano del Grappa.

His work has led him to travel abroad offering him the opportunity to get to know different and equally fascinating lands, traditions, cultures and artistic realities (Tunisia, Morocco, etc.) also meeting international artists in person.

Two of his greatest passions: traveling and the knowledge of art history.

In 1998 he opened his first Gallery in Asiago, thus realizing the greatest dream of his life that later expanded with the inauguration of the "Piccola Galleria Ponte Vecchio" in the historic center of Bassano. In the last years of his life he developed his deepest artistic dimension, transforming his work into its essence, respecting and loving every form of Art and artist, without ever judging or discerning. A true passion translated into his private collection of more than 200 works of art among which stand out the names of Bocchi Franco, Faccincani Athos, Gonzaga, Marinoni Raffaella Wang zi hsi, Julien (with his "Homages to Botero"), Caponi Paolo, Nocentini Alessandro Tedeschi Gianni, Pasquini, Stolfi Roberto Pap Emil and other famous names of modern and contemporary Italian and foreign art.

The Mecf will act strictly in compliance with the anti-CV-19 health provisions prepared for this specific period of opening to the public, strictly complying with the regulations in place, with the obligation to enter with a Reinforced Green Pass.

For more information you can contact the Museum / IAT of Foza by clicking on the green button below:

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