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NATALINO BALASSO show ladies and gentlemen, Millepini di Asiago, 5 April

Saturday 5/4/2014 at 21:00

Spettacolo Signore e signori con Natalino BalassoTheatrical show with NATALINO BALASSO "ladies and gentlemen" at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago, April 5, 2014

Saturday, April 5 at the Palazzo del Turismo di Asiago Millepini from 21.00 hours will be held the theatrical show "ladies and gentlemen" by Ruth Little and Aristide Genovese from the screenplay by Pietro Germi and Luciano Vincenzoni and staged by Theatre Theama Natalino Balasso with and with Aristide Genovese, Anna Zago, Paolo Rozzi, Andrea Plumes, Silvia Piovan, Perumal Mazzucato, Angelo Zampieri, Anna Farinello, Marta Meneghetti, Max Fazenda, Ruth Young.

A pleasure-loving company of merchants and media professionals and gentry, in an undisclosed city veneta (the film was set in Treviso), hides a dense Web of mutual betrayals behind an impeccable facade of respectability Catholic. Adapted faithfully by the film which won the Palme d'Or in Cannes in 1966, ladies and gentlemen, is a ferocious satire on the hypocrisy of the Italian province during the economic boom.


Actor and writer and self-taught, Natalino Balasso began performing in clubs and small theaters in Emilia-Romagna with surreal comedy by vaguely futuristic style in the late 80.

In 1993, thanks to his collaborations as author to humor and satire magazines (Comix, heart, Smemoranda) and the publication of his surreal storybook entitled "Operation in the water hole" (Sperling & Kupfer), is noticed by producers of some of Mediaset television and starts a collaboration with the company as a comic author. Her first significant tour must meet with Maurizio Great with which writes a monologue entitled "the great popcorn" that will be represented throughout Italy in 1994 directed by Paola Galassi.

In 1995, abandoned the author and television activities thanks to a formative period of about a year with theAmerican actor and trainer Philip Root, it concerns to the world of Commedia dell'Arte and tackles his first novelist experiences in Bologna the founding company of the Gnorri with whom he worked until 2004 in various tour in Northern Italy theatres. With the company facing a job of rewriting of dishcloths of Commedia dell'Arte and actualization of the masks that flows into 8 shows from him written that narrate the saga of "the island of Gnorri," represented the manner of Commedia dell'Arte with tea towels and scenarios on which the actors improvise dialogue.

Ended with the company capocomicato of Gnorri in 2004, meets the Director Gabriele Vacis , which runs on the ground of the prose. With Director Vacis, Balasso starts a collaboration that sees him performing interpreter "Libera nos" (2005), co-author and interpreter of the show "plain People" in which he plays with Laura Curino (2008) and "comedy performer againRusteghi, the enemies of civilization" by Carlo Goldoni in which recites Ferrini with Yuri and Eugenio Allegri (2011). In 2009-2010 faces his second novelist experience putting together a Ccompany of actors and singers veneti which performs in a theatrical work entitled "Fog Theatre", a project that involves the construction of 10 shows he has written and directed that all are represented in the same city, first in Verona, then to Padua. This work mixes Theatre characters and situations of all time in a sort of script, which also appeared in fictional characters from Balasso that generate the collision between reality and fiction.

The show is part of the 2013-14 Season at Teatro Millepini di Asiago, which from November to may will bring staged classics and contemporary works, comedies, tragedies, humor, music, offering opportunities for reflection and enjoyment.


PRICES in 2013-14 SEASON


Entire $ 85
Reduced € 70
Students € 55


Entire $ 10
Reduced and students € 8


Over 65 and holders of 2013-2014 Cineforum card of Cinema Lux of Asiago.


Open to all students, including university students and college students-elderly adults.



0424 462221
[email protected]
Carli, 56 square – Asiago


0424 460003
[email protected]
Via Millepini, 1 – Asiago

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