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Orienteering races Cup final Italy long distance Cesuna di Roana Sunday, October

Sunday 7/10/2012

Finale Coppa Italia OrienteeringOrienteering races Italy Cup final-long distance Cesuna di Roana Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012, Cesuna of Roana, Asiago plateau, will host the final of 2012 Italy Cup of Orienteering long distance.

The F.I.S.O. decided to make the final here after evaluating carefully the tracks.

The long distance race will take place at the Cesuna Resort Pinewood, departure hours 10:00.

The sport is practiced in many areas of the ' Asiago plateau, rich region of forests and beautiful natural environments.

The ' orienteering, commonly called sport, Woods is a ' default path characterized by control points called " " lanterns (pole with punch) and with the aid of ' a compass and a highly detailed topographic map on a reduced scale (from 1: 15,000 to 1: 4,000) that contains details of the place to go.

The sport in recent years, is taking on increasing importance and attracts a good number of people.

In addition to test the ' abilities of competitors, the practice of orienteering ' lets see fabulous natural environments.

Orienteering race program

-Opening race Office: 9.00 at the race Centre-Hotel La Pineta " "
-Before departure: 10.00 a.m.
-Award ceremony: at about 13.30 at the Piazza di Cesuna

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