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OTTEMBRE FEST - Concerts with musicians from the Plateau in Canove 8 -9-10 November 2019

Dal 8/11/2019 al 10/11/2019
Ottembre Fest 2019 a Canove

Three evenings of live music with the best musicians on the Plateau and beyond

From 8 to 10 November 2019, at the Palazzetto di Canove, the OTTEMBRE FEST returns, three days of celebration, live music and joy!

The most well-known and beloved groups and musicians of the Plateau will perform in concert involving the audience with their music and their talent.

On the first evening there will be a special jam session with Thomas Libero, Alessandra Rampazzo, Cesar Palace and Bad Monkey,while on Saturday evening the highlight of the party is planned: the keyboardist of the legendary Whitesnake, Michele Luppi,will perform in concert with his MLBband, inflaming the arena with his rock.
And not only that! The legendary Balt Huttar and the KOR Bandwill also perform on Saturday night!

On Sunday, however, there will be an afternoon dedicated to young apprentices of music and final evening with unreleased songs,experimental musical projects and classical pieces of the musical repertoire Italian.


9:00 p.m.

Thomas Free

Alessandra Rampazzo trio
(Alessandra Rampazzo, Eros Ambrosini, Manuel Berthod)

Cesar Palace, C.
(Alessandra Rampazzo, Francesco Lago, Manuel Frigo, Nicola Benetti, Giovanni Cornale)

Bad Monkey, Sina
(Eva Fabris, Enrico Fabris, Michele Rigoni, Alessio Basso, Valerio Cappelletti)

8:30 p.m.

Balt Handtar - presentation of your own record
(Jonathan Pablo Berretta, Nicola Pavan, Mattia Pivotto, Ilaria Vellar, Federico Rebeschini Sambugaro).
Balt Huttar is a Highland Folk Metal Band, founded in 2011, known throughout Veneto but not only.

KOR - Keep On Rockin'
(Marco Righetto, Toni Carraro, Stefano Andriolo, Gabri Tromba, Manuel Donato) - special guest
Energetic line-up from the Hard Rock repertoire, already opening the Michele Luppi band at the Brewery Trenti, frontman Marco Righetto collaborates directly in the organization and planning of the Masterclasses of Canto by Michele Luppi.

Michael Luppi Band
(Michele Luppi, Michele "Dr. Viossy" Vioni, Enrico Varisco, Helder Stefanini, Franky Priests, Alex Mari)
Michele Luppi is currently a keyboardist and backing singer in the historic rock band Whitesnake founded in 1978 by singer David Coverdale who had just left Deep Purple.
Singing teacher, pianist, composer and songwriter, as well as multi-instrumentalist, he was part of the band Vision Divine and founded Killing Touch; backing vocalist and keyboardist for Umberto Tozzi, he collaborated with Maurizio Solieri, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice, currently singer and composer on Secret Sphere. Since May touring with Whitesnake in the United States, Europe and South America to promote the new album "Flesh and Blood".
Michael "dr. Viossy" Vioni, lead artist, guitarist, producer, youtuber and guitar teacher rock/metall/prog. The most-watched Italian metal guitarist on YouTube. He celebrated his performance of Beethoven's "Moonlight sonata".
He has always played with his friend Michele Luppi on the album Strive, Killing Touch and their historic cover band Mr. Pig


afternoon #kinderfest
beginning at 16:30/17:00

two hours available to the music schools of the plateau.

8:30 p.m.

Via Paolo Fabbri 43
(Mauro Vellar, Massimo Paganin, Eros Ambrosini, Fabrizio Muraro)

MLVG property
(Dieta, Machester, Spete Lapeste) Rap trio - original pieces -

MorasTrio, Incent
(Matteo Moras, Roberto Rigoni Stern, Manolo Ambrosini) - original pieces

(Mario, Ines, Luisa, Andreja, Eros, Leonardo, Mauro)


During the three evenings, the food stand of the Pro Loco in Canovewill also be active, with the following dishes on the menu:

  • Friday, November 8
    roasts, fried potatoes and cold dishes
  • Saturday, November 9
    roasts, fried potatoes, cold dishes and boiled dish of mixed meats with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
  • Sunday, October 10
    roasts, fried potatoes, cold dishes and "tosèla del Vincenso" dish.
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