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Play I PROMESSI SPOSI, Image Theatre Company-Asiago 21 August

Wednesday 21/8/2013 at 21:00

I Promessi Sposi della Compagnia Teatro ImmaginePlay I PROMESSI SPOSI, Image Theatre Company, in Asiago the 21 August

Wednesday, August 21 the hours 21.00 at the Palazzo del Turismo di Asiago Millepini the Image Theatre company will stage the show "I Promessi Sposi".

Reduced admission: € 10,00-€ 8,00
Presale tickets at I.A.T Office.


The Venetian TEATROIMMAGINE company was founded in 1989 on the initiative of a small group of young actors from various experiences in the teatro popolare veneto. The common commitment to reassess the Commedia dell'Arte, a genus of great tradition in Italian culture and especially Venetian, pushed the group to a continuous research on the techniques of improvisation and interpretation of dishcloths historically passed on pantomime and the use of masks.


Texts and directionBenoit Roland

Cast and characters
- Roberto Zac Renzo, Don Rodrigo, Perpetua
- Martina Boldarin Lucia, Contessina Glenda, a Gendarme
- Roger Fiorese Pettifogging, Brother Christopher, a skilled
- Charles Chase Don Abbondio, Captain of Justice, la Monaca di Monza
Elisa Risigari -Agnes, Griso, kite, a Gendarme
Claudio Cecchetto -Musician (Accordion)

You feel curious, but I didn't know what they were either "I promessi sposi" before Teatroimmagine I propose to stage the novel dthe Alessandro Manzoni, but I quickly realized that this Italian classic is for every Italian a lifetime memories imprinted in his memory, a memory from the strong flavor of hatred and passion, but that does not leave anyone indifferent.

It's funny, but in my culture, francophoneBelgian, "I promessi sposi" is a novel of which no mention even in high school. Instead, Victor Hugo (our Manzoni) every Italian knows who it was who wrote "Les Miserables". But why? Why "I promessi sposi" have never crossed the Alps? What's special about this novel shut, which for nearly two centuries is part of the collective consciousness of the whole people? There are many questions that have fueled our work, our research.

That a Belgian sport scene such a "monument" of Italian literature it may seem pretentious madness. On the contrary, I think this will allow us to desecrate this classic, more for fun than for challenge. In fact "le jeux" is the red thread of the whole show: "jeux" is a French word that has this double meaning of "game" but also of "acting". But be careful, we don't want to give the audience a show starred, but played, offer the festive side of the theatre where the actor is not a tool of a text, of a Director, of a scene, but of himself.

Represent this endless saga, this "tourbillon" five-character actors and a musician is how to do a backflip on a rope suspended: you do Lucy, but then becomes the Contessina Attilia who disguises herself as a gendarme while Agnes is the Griso, Renzo becomes Don Rodrigo, Don Abbondio is la Monaca di Monza and the connection between Gimlets is also Father Christopher, all crowned by cheerful notes of an accordion.
Each actor has at the same time the dual role of author and victim of their shares to the public to tell a story immortal, dramatic and cruel, ironic and grotesque, tender and romantic, but especially today.

All rights reserved.

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