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Play Tom Thumb isn't afraid of the OGRE to Asiago the 23 July

Tuesday 23/7/2013 at 21:15

Teatro incontri 2013 MiniFest Opera Estate - Pollicino non ha paura dell'orco di Glossa Teatro a AsiagoPlay "Tom Thumb isn't afraid of the ogre" at Teatro Millepini di Asiago on 23 July

Tuesday, July 23 for "Theatre meetings 2013" MiniFest Summer Opera at the Teatro Millepini of Asiago, the Glossa Theatre troupe will stage the show "Tom Thumb isn't afraid of the OGRE", with actors and puppets. The curtain will raise at 21.15 hours.


Parton has managed to escape from the clutches of the OGRE thanks to his cunning. Tom Thumb and the guys like him, who know many stories, know how to get away with the dangerous types such as wolves, Witches and ogres. Know even tame dragons

The ogre, in spite of stories he has inhabited so many, she always thought only to fill the belly, and the belly too full can also be a momentary satisfaction, but in the long run fogs the brain.

After much time Parton is wanted to go see what has become of that terrible Ogre who tried to make him and his brothers a single bite, but that then had been cunningly hoodwinked. A story happened long before, at the time of Perrault.

Now that time has passed, Parton has no fear of the ogre, knows to be much smarter than the old and paunchy Man-eats-children. But time is also spent for the ogre who became older, but not wiser, weaker and more tired and no longer fear anyone.

It is also tender due to eating wild berries and some mushroom, because children do not lose more in the Woods. But Tom Thumb, once you found the old "friend-foe", to give him back his good spirits the tells many stories, stories set in the Magical Forest where there are Orcs and frightening young, with wolves, Witches and monsters terrorizing children like him. And where the dragons are not tame.

A Magical Forest full of friends and sympathetic and intelligent people and above all full of stories that they always teach ... and who know how to give good mood!

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