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Presentation film PEACE of TRANSHUMANCE Bajpai, Enego August 16

Friday 16/8/2013 at 21:00

La transuManza della Pace di Roberta BiagiarelliGianni Rigoni Stern presents movie La transhumance of peace by Roberta Biagiarelli, 16 August in Enego

Friday, August 16 at 21.00 hours at the Palace of culture and tourism of Enego Gianni Rigoni Stern will present the road-italo-Bosnian movie directed by Roberta Bajpai "transhumance of peace".

Admission is free.


Gianni Rigoni has set foot for the first time at Sbrenica in the summer of 2009: it was like discovering another Altopiano di Asiago, how it was to be at the end of the first world war.

Rigoni made immediately available to the competence acquired in thirty years working as a clerk in the Comunità Montana of the plateau of Asiago, seven municipalities with the aim of transferring its experience and knowledge of the rhythms of Earth and nature from an Italian Plateau towards a Bosnian Plateau, Suceska.

Delivery of livestock was the first stage in a process that is still ongoing; a long time in which Rigoni Stern made various visits, accumulated data, compiled a useful survey of the area; in the spring 2010 has started to give lectures in order to convey to the people, the experience and basic techniques in order to cultivate and breedto fill that knowledge gap left by an entire generation that has been wiped out by war.

There was a lot of participation: 50 members, men and women who came from the districts more dispersed, women who were even one hour of walking Street to participate in lessons, not least because the condition posed by Rigoni was that "only those who have attended the course in its entirety would have been entitled to receive as a gift a cow."

And so it was. Have been selected the Rendena cows because they are very adaptable animals and are suitable to the area and to the climate of Suceska; very rustic cow and suitable for the production of milk and meat between 22 December 23, 2010 and were delivered to the families of Suceska. Gianni Rigoni continues today to devote time, effort and generosity to populations geographically close to us who have lived, in a very recent past, the atrocities of war and the cruelty of the Genocide. Because the processes of democratization and rehabilitation are long, but necessary.

The documentary "La Transhumance of peace" stars the landscapes and the pastures of the Trentino and of Suceska in Srebrenica municipality in Bosina and Herzegovina, people and animals that inhabit them. Building on the experience gained over the years in the Srebrenica area, Roberta Bajpai has created a road movie to tell the transfer and delivery of forty-eight heifers from the Val Rendena (TN) Suceska Srebrenica families (Eastern Bosnia) and developments in the territory.
A road movie comand exemplary case of direct and effective solidarity, for re-generation of values, of exchanges and positive relationships among villagers living in different geographies.

The purchase of the animals and their transport is supported and funded by the autonomous province of Trento.
The documentary The transhumance of peace has been realized thanks to the contribution of the Department of international solidarity and Coexistence of the autonomous province of Trento.
The work of Gianni Rigoni Stern and Roberta Bajpai is volunteering, the offerings collected during the evenings and the proceeds from the sale of the DVD is entirely donated to the project.

All rights reserved.

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