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Presentation of the books the secret society of heretics and The Alchemist lost

Friday 16/8/2013 at 17:30

Presentazione di libri a GallioPresentation of the books "the secret society of heretics" and "The Alchemist" lost library in gallium, Friday, August 16, 2013

Literary meetings continue on theAsiago plateau in summer.

Friday, August 16, 2013, at the Auditorium at Gallio, there will be presentations of two books.

The first will be "the secret society of heretics" written by Ali Baghdadi, while the second will be "The Alchemist's lost library" by Marcello Sala.

The presentations will begin at 17:30 hours.


After centuries of mystery around the figure of Giordano Bruno a heretical sect will try to change history.

Roma, June 1889. The young Prospero arrives in Rome to attend the inauguration of the statue of Giordano Bruno in Campo de ' Fiori.

Welcomed into the retirement of madame Sophie, a strange and mysterious place, gradually remains fascinated by the characters that frequent up to introduce in a universe made of allegorical Alchemy, occult arts and pagan philosophy.

Persecuted by the Church in knowledge a hidden led war powers of the Holy Inquisition. Among the victims, Giordano Bruno: the most important custodian of the enigma that could release this ancient knowledge.

Prospero will investigate the mystery of the death of the rebellious monk died in Rome on 17 February 1600, when the Dominican was burned alive on the public square.

To help the company find a dark secret society holds a collection of ancient arcane content volumes. However, collection is incomplete: lacks a "key, the book that would make it possible to decipher and interpret all the others, giving a new meaning to the known world and to the Church itself.

And the violence of the clash will not make prisoners ...


Is the spring of 1227 and Queen of Castile has disappeared mysteriously. Strange voices run to the Kingdom and some speak of an intervention of the evil one.

The only one able to solve the riddle is Ignatius from Toledo, great connoisseur of the places and people thanks to its numerous trips between East and West and its ability to solve ancient mysteries and arcana.

In Córdoba, where St. Ignatius is summoned, he meets an old magister who talks about a book that all they are looking for and that might give you clues about what happened.

But the next day will be found dead poisoned. The research of the relics merchant depart immediately to the tempering of the mythical Turba philosophorum, a manuscript attributed to a disciple of Pythagoras, which preserves the alchemical trick most coveted in the world: the formula for violating nature of the elements.

The meeting then with a nun and a man considered by all a possessed, but actually suffering from lead poisoning, Ignatius to address the Château de Airagne and its mysterious Lord, the count of Nigredo.

Here is kept a terrible secret, but it won't be easy to get to safety after he discovered ...

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