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Presentation volume ANCIENT FAMILIES of Massimo Paganin ASIAGO, Asiago 30/05

Friday 30/5/2014 at 17:30
Antiche Famiglie di Asiago di Massimo Paganin

Presentation of the book ancient families of Asiago-history genealogy onomastics. The origins of a rural community; Massimo Paganin, May 30, 2014 in Asiago

Friday, May 30 at 2014 hours 17.30 at the Sala delle Comunità Montana Masks in Viale Stazione, in Asiago 1 there will be the presentation of the book ancient families of Asiago -History Genealogy onomastics. The origins of a rural community of Massimo Paganin.

Who wants to join is welcome.


The volume is the result of four years of research carried out at the State Archives of Vicenza, Bassano and Padua, the archive library Tower Bertoliana. of Vicenza and the Capitular archives of Vicenza. Started as a genealogical research on the most ancient families of the capital plateau, the attendance of the various Archives has made it possible to achieve a larger work in which to fill out for each family, joins an extensive introductory historical framing .

The historical introduction, embracing for the earliest periods around the plateau to focus then exclusively on Asiago, consists in the analysis and comparison of so far published documents relating to the medieval period until the first half of the thirteenth century. For the previous period (from prehistory to themiddle ages) are succinctly stated the news already published in other studies and is a historical location of some macrotoponimi of Roman and late ancient.

From the years following the fall of the Tyrant Ezzelino III important unpublished documents are cited and, on the basis of data collected, demonstrates some aspects of life to Asiago in the late Middle Ages. The economic activity, the Church and the priests, theenvironment, conflicts with the neighbouring commune of Gallio and the birth of Stone Fraction, the assets of the Chapter of the Church of Vicenza to Asiago, the qualities of brides .... The part dedicated toonomastics and genealogy consists of ninety-seven tabs correspond to different families with this surname who resided in Asiago in the run-up to the Council of Trent.

It is after this Council that virtually disappears (at least for Asiago) the phenomenon of the emergence of new surnames, until then let the free will of the people. For all these families research has allowed to be traced back to an ancestor who was born in the 14th century.

The volume was made solely on the basis of consultation and investigation of almost two thousand documents deposited in various archives and funds and, despite being focused on Asiago, is of particular interest to the other Municipalities of the plateau's towns, because the history of individual families are able to get a comprehensive insight into the life of an entire community on horseback between the middle ages and modern age.

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