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Projection of silent films "Notes black and white", Cesuna July 24, 2013

Wednesday 24/7/2013 at 21:00

"Il padre degli effetti speciali: I corti di Georges Mèliés" a CesunaSilent films with musical accompaniment " black and white Notes ", " the father of special effects-short by Georges ", Cesuna Mèliés-24 July 2013

Continues the collaboration of Culture & music with Gallium Film Festival for the successful review named "and white Notes" providing for the screening of silent films accompanied by live music.
The first meeting is set for Wednesday, 24 July 2013, at 21.00 o'clockat Cinema Teatro Palladium Cesuna: the title of the evening is "the father of special effects: the short films of Georges Méliès".

Will be presented a series of short films of the great Parisian filmmaker, born in 1861, considered the father of the second film (after the Lumière brothers), for the ' introduction and testing of many new techniques and narrative.
His best known film is "a trip to the Moon" (Le Voyage dans la Lune), of 1902, which will be screened, among others, in this special evening. The film was the world's first successful film.

To Méliès, universally recognized as the father " " special effects, is credited with the invention of cinema ' fantastic fiction and film techniques and, in particular, mounting the most peculiar feature of the nascent cinematographic language. According to his autobiography fictionalized, Méliès was accidentally discovered the trick of substitution, while was filming all open, ' at Place de l ' Opéra in Paris: ' a

point the camera would accidentally jammed and shortly afterwards shared; in the development phase then Méliès he noticed with astonishment that, got to the point where he was filming a passing cab, this suddenly disappeared to make way for a hearse.

"Note in bianco e nero"; proiezione di film muti a Cesuna

As true or false, the ' anecdote sums up well what would become soon a sense of mounting to Méliès, which is a trick to make appearances, disappearances, transformations, jumping from one place to another ', from a time all other ': a tool for showing the metamorphosis magic " ". In fact, Méliès was one of the first filmmakers to use the ' multiple exposure, fading and color (hand painted directly on the film), the theatrical type tricks (systems to fly people, stage machinery) and photographic style (which overlays recreating visions of ghosts).

The realism of photography in motion gave great credibility to tricks shown, his success was immediate and enormous.

In the films of Méliès general laws of nature seem to fade into the background, in a surreal fantasy world, where freedom was total and infinite possibilities.

The live music will be edited by the students of the course of music held especially for this evening by Master Annibale Rebaudengo to Roana.

The second round of review will be Monday, August 5, 2013, with the screening of the masterpiece of f. w. Murnau: Nosferatu the Vampyre "

As always, the ' entrance is free.
For information: www. artemusicaroana.it; artemusica.roana@keycomm.it or 349.4673264.


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