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QUANTA FADIGA comedy PAR DO a FIOLO company Sunbeam-Roana 9 August

Friday 9/8/2013 at 21:00

Quanta fadiga par fare un fiolo - Compagnia Raggio di SoleQUANTA FADIGA comedy PAR DO a FIOLO troupe Raggio di Sole Roana the 9 August

Friday, August 9 to 21.00 hours at the big top of Roana theatrical company "Sunbeam" will stage the show "how much fadiga par do a fiolo".

This is a new comedy in Venetian dialect which tells, in an ironic and witty, the difficulties of a young couple ,Gioconda and Philip, in asking for help to peoples in order to have a son.

It will be the mother of Mona Lisa and mother-in-law of Philip to have the bright idea of asking the complicity of his dearest friends and crazy to carry through this difficult project.

The ending of the story leaves the audience present was amazed and amused.

Simple comedy, witty, intriguing, must-see to spend an evening in full joy!

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