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RACE 7 Ice Hockey Championship Final, Asiago-Rittner Buam (Renon), April 9, 2015

Thursday 9/4/2015 at 20:30

RACE 7 Ice Hockey Championship Final, Asiago-Rittner Buam (Renon), 9 April 2015, the Asiago plateau, PalaOdegar

The most important match of the season. The appointment is by those to mark on your calendar: Thursday, April 9 at 20.30 the Asiago PalaOdegar will be sold out for the night that will assign the title tricolor Italian Championship Serie A Ice Hockey.

Asiago and Renon (or Rittner Buam), will contest in Race 7 ("the beautiful") on the ice of our Plateau the Scudetto and the throne of Queen of Ice Hockey.

The two teams are in perfect balance: 3-3 after the first 6 races of the Championship Final. In race 5 our Asiago crushed the Ritten with a strong 5-1, in a crowded ice since the first hours of the evening and all colored yellow-red, with a great choreography that symbolized, among other things, also the tricolour. Win the match-point, 6 the many race fans arrive in the Alpine Collalbo viewed postpone the scudetto celebration: the Rittner is 2-1 and goodbye to PalaOdegar for the last, decisive, demanding game of the season.. that "nice" either!

The press release of Asiago Hockey

Asiago and Renon: scudetto in one night!
Tickets sold out for race 7

Tutto in una notte! Asiago and Rittner Buam came to "beautiful" the decisive 7-final race which will award the scudetto in a match not dry was from 2004/05 season when Milan Vipers and apex to play all in one match (victory of lombardi). Starting at 20.30 hours in an already sold-out Odegar and live on Rai Sport 2, 2014-15 season, will propose the last meeting that promises to be intense and hot, before the public of the great bargains. From the point of view of the presentations there is much to say about this series finals that went beyond expectations, suggesting a collision between two teams strong and prepared, from every point of view: technical, tactical and mental. The ice tomorrow night will tell you if the scudetto will go down and next year will be sewn on a Jersey and yellow team or if it will remain on the Rittner Jersey for the second consecutive year.

Tomorrow evening's match, whatever happens to finish, will remain in the memory of those who will be able to experience it live, on the ice or in the stands; a unique event and a nice from "taste" from start to finish because it will be tears of joy for those who will lift the trophy, sky of disappointment and regret for the defeated. If a game does not dry you can make predictions or assign percentages of success, it is also true that Asiago knows he can count on the boost of the home crowd, the same as in race 5 attended and made possible the victory with the highest goal difference in the series (5-1).

Nell'Asiago cannot be Enrico Miglioranzi who will undergo surgery tomorrow morning after a compound fracture of the left humerus suffered during the first half of game 6, on the Ritten is perhaps the presence of Ruben Rampazzo. Will return to Italy in time to get off the ice on a regular basis the new dad Sean Bentivoglio who attended in Canada to the birth of the eldest daughter Scarlet Francesca and which, like a spring load and highly motivated, you sure protagonist of 7 race. For two coaches remain however some doubts: coach John Park is thinking about how to replace Enrico Miglioranzi, Andrea Strazzabosco and Nicola Munari are ready just in case. Marty Raymond is still struggling with the turnover with Benedict that seems destined to stand still.
Tickets for the match are sold out by early afternoon today. 20.00 a.m. tomorrow will be picked up the coupons booked, exceeded this time will be relisted.

Asiago Hockey 1935 Rittner Buam

Odegar Stage -Asiago-20:30 hours

Referees: Daniel Gamper and Claudio Pianezze. Touch judges: Ulrich Pardatscher and Luca Zatta.
Live Tv on Rai Sport 2 20:25 a.m.

Program, dates and times, the final badge – Asiago and Rittner Buam are tied 3-3 in the series.

Race 1-26 March-Asiago Asiago Hockey: 1935 – Rittner 2-3 OT Buam
Race 2-28 March-in Klobenstein: Rittner Buam-Asiago Hockey 3-4 1935
Race 3-31 March-Asiago Asiago Hockey: 1935 – Rittner Buam-4 5
Race 4-2 April-at Collalbo: Rittner Buam-Asiago Hockey 1935 3-2 PEN
Race 5-4 April-Asiago: Asiago – Rittner Buam 5-1
Race 6-6 April-at Collalbo: Rittner Buam-Asiago Hockey 1935 2-1

Race 7-April-9 hours 20:30 Asiago (live TV Rai Sport)

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