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Rita Coruzzi Presents booksthanks to life and A Butterfly flight in Asiago Cont

Friday 20/7/2012

Rita Coruzzi "Grazie alla vita"

" Rita Coruzzi " Presents " booksthanks to " life and "A Butterfly flight" in Asiago

Continue the "Aperitif with author '" Friday, July 20, 2012 to Asiago.

This is the second date of summer 2012. in c program ' is the ' meeting with the writer Rita Coruzzi, presenting two of his books: "Thanks to" and "A Butterfly flight".

The ' event, organized in collaboration with the Library reached the point, will take place at the Palazzo del Turismo Millepini of Asiago, 20:30 hours.

" drink with l ' " author will propose for the duration of the summer ' various events and meetings with authors, thereby increasing the cultural level of ' tourist attractions.



It is not easy to explain in a few words about me. Let me tell you about my joys and my sorrows, desideri, regrets, dreams.I could say I'm a girl like so many others, but it doesn't.

I could entertain you with tales of the many initiatives and the many important people that I knew, but doesn't seem right.

Then I will try to show me the easy way: by telling my story from the beginning.

It was a cold and rainy morning of June 2, 1986, when I wanted to be born at all costs even though it was still too soon; the MOM was hospitalized for three days and the doctors were trying to stop the contractions, but obviously I had already very quickly.

And this is the first thing: I always rush to get everything done at once.

By this premature birth came the first problems, increased following the hip dislocation due to lack of acetabulum.

I couldn't walk like the other children, my legs would not know to stand, and the whole body was weak and frail, but MOM has never surrendered, and not allowed that I did not even I.

This is the second thing: don't give up ever.

I did it for years physiotherapy, with huge sacrifices and efforts for a child; Sometimes I was crying from the pain and fatigue, but continued to sit tight, I tightened my teeth and I went ahead with the exercises.

This has me greatly fortified character, although I took maybe part of my childhood.

After some surgical procedures aimed at solving the hip dislocation, I suffered terrible disappointment of failure that forced me to use a wheelchair, having to avoid loading the weight on too.

This is the third thing: accept the new conditions.

Was not easy nor painless, but it was necessary for me to accept this situation if I wanted to continue to live, but had been in crisis all my certainties and the world I had collapsed on him.


One day I was in the car with MOM and I asked: "MOM, why God has forsaken me?" She gave me an answer which saved me: "God won't quit, if you happened to this means that he has plans for you on the pram, the servos as well."

This sentence I opened my eyes to a new perspective, and also to a new faith.

This is the fourth thing: have faith and believe that God is always the best for us.

Rita Coruzzi "Un volo di farfalla"

Since then I started to live, that's why I always say that to me that was the moment of my rebirth.

And in this new life what I want most is live every moment totally, absolutely and deeply, as if it were the last.

Now I enjoy my life, and I'm satisfied with what I've achieved, and I hope I can reach the goals that I have set. My dream is to become a journalist and writer.

I would like to convey to all the people that life can be beautiful in whatever situation you are in, you just have to find the strength to accept it as it is.



BOOK " THANKS to " LIFE of Magdi Cristiano Allam and Rita Coruzzi

There is Alessia, who faces leukemia with the help of an Angel protector; don Jordan, who rides for over 4,000 miles to reach Jerusalem. There is Deborah, who decides to delay the therapies that could kill the life that leads into the womb to create its tiny Alice; There is Tatiana, who suspended on a bridge, decided to do away, is restrained by a mysterious force that restores hope.

And there are many other stories of those who are not in the newspapers, those that are not news, common men and women.

Who are the living tissue of Italy, one that does not give up the crisis – economic values, before – and that continues to struggle and to dream of a better tomorrow.

Looking at them, weaving to their lives experiences, Magdi Cristiano Allam and Rita Coruzzi raise a song of Thanksgiving to life and take to hand anyone wanting to join with them to find the hope that helps to tackle every day.




As a result of premature birth, Rita is found to have serious problems in the legs, together with a widespread weakness in all his limbs.

MOM does not give up, not even, and is ' the beginning of an ordeal for a never-ending series of physical exercises and physiotherapy.

Until ' surgery, all ' the age of ten years, which seems to promise her resolve to always the problem of mobility. And instead. The ' operation does not go as hoped and Rita is forced on a wheelchair.

Collapsed all the illusions of the normal " that " life nor had in early childhood ', Rita falls into despair, until one day her eyes in those POPs of her mother and asks her: " because God hath abandoned? ". " God won't quit, if you happened to this means that he has plans for you on the pram, the servos so ".

This response was his salvation, l ' the beginning of a journey that led Rita to regain faith and, above all, to regain life, finding itself an unsuspected inner strength that helped her shed ' in flight, living each day so far and deep, as though it were the last ', getting rid of any healing anxiety and finally found his place in the world. (Foreword by Camillo Ruini)



All rights reserved.

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