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Roberto Cossa's grandmother at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago, 14 January

Tuesday 14/1/2014 at 21:00

La nonna di Roberto CossaShow Roberto Cossa's grandmother at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 14 at the Palazzo del Turismo di Asiago Millepini from 21.00 hours will be held the show "Grandma" by Roberto Cossa, staged by Armathan Company under the direction of Marco Shipyards, translator Nestor Garay.

Is the best known, most popular and most of the teatro argentino. A simple family of emigrants trying somehow to make ends meet, by reaching out in different jobs and chores. But the real problem is the grandmother, who at age 104 runs to home devouring all the food that happen at your fingertips. The away from home, even how to find darla married ... but they can't get rid of it. A brilliant succession of tragi-comic moments plummets toward an unforgettable final.


The wind of Armathan Theatre has started to blow in 1998. We felt the need to not "show" anything: the encounter with the organic Theatre Director and playwright Argentine Carlos Alsina has modified the root our thinking.

We began an intensive period of training and research on the method of elementary physics action theorized by Stanislavsky in the last years of his life. This method defines a dramatic structure and recognizes in action and the conflict still points to the work of the actor. During this training we worked on texts by t. Williams, a. Chekhov, r.w. Fassbinder, e. De Filippo, w. Shakespeare, in an increasingly thorough search of their poetry.

After two years we got to the staging of early texts. Impressed by the ingenuity of the American drama, we presented works that bring out the stage action and the expressive and creative work of the actor. We have a special interest in discovering new authors and new dramaturgies.

We do not believe such an educational theatre. Do not claim to revolutionize the consciences. There are surprise to impress. Instead, we would like to share with the public in the Hall of fragments of theatrical life of great intensity, abandoning on stage plates artistically truer part of our being stage actors.

We wish to make known this interesting approach at the theatre of the living: for this we organize training workshops of the actor for children, teens and adults. To assist this research on the use of artistic voice and music in actoral.

And the wind Armathan Theatre continues to blow with force ...

The show is part of the 2013-14 Season at Teatro Millepini di Asiago, which from November to may will bring staged classics and contemporary works, comedies, tragedies, humor, music, offering opportunities for reflection and enjoyment.


PRICES in 2013-14 SEASON


Entire $ 85
Reduced € 70
Students € 55


Entire $ 10
Reduced and students € 8


Over 65 and holders of 2013-2014 Cineforum card of Cinema Lux of Asiago.


Open to all students, including university students and college students-elderly adults.



0424 462221
[email protected]
Carli, 56 square – Asiago


0424 460003
[email protected]
Via Millepini, 1 – Asiago

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