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Sagra di San Marco and Cuchi, Canove di Roana, 24-April 28, 2013

Dal 24/4/2013 al 28/4/2013

Sagra di San Marco e dei cuchiSagra di San Marco and the "Cuchi", Canove di Roana, 24-April 28, 2013

From 24 to 28 April 2013, in Canove di Roana, held the traditional Sagra di San Marco and the "Cuchi".

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This event is deeply felt and expected by all inhabitants of the country, theAsiago plateau but also from many families who, from Vicenza, go there to spend fun-filled days and serenity with his family.

On 25 April, the day of San Marco, Canove celebrates its Patron Saint with a manifestation of particular relevance and importance.

It is a popular festival with food stalls and markets, various animations for youths and adults, heated food stand at the big top, where you can taste local dishes such as "Bull spit" or "polenta and musso".

Children each year live the days leading up to the Festival with anticipation, wondering what rides you can enjoy along with their parents and friends.

Another key element of this Festival are the Cuchi.

They are an ancient tradition on the Asiago plateau: are of typical craft built in terracotta whistles, of every color and shape representing a symbol of love and friendship.

Since the early years of this feast, the cuco was brought as a gift from loving his girl as a pledge of love.

Cuchi a San Marco

During the Festival of San Marco these characteristic whistles will be exhibited at numerous food stalls and there will also be a chance to buy them. Will be exposed all kinds of cuchi, divided by price, to the shape and colours.

On some food stalls are pure cuchi, water in the shape of a small pot, where blowing at the mouth was a gurgling sound.

Once you have purchased your whistle, everyone there blowing in and the Festival is filled with sounds: bass, treble, strong, weak, up-tempo, as the shrill voice of the cuckoo.

Program of the Festival of San Marco and Cuchi:

Wednesday 24:

18.00 hrs opening Festival with aperitifs. From 22.00 Pasta Party offered by the Pro Loco and the evening with "Babata".

Thursday 25:

Sectional party AVIS. 10.00 a.m. Holy Mass; 12.00 and 19.00 hours food stand at the big top withPolenta and " cavreto", musical evening and ballroom dancing with "Gianni Dego".

Friday 26:

Hours 19.00 food stand at the big top withPolenta and " musso", musical evening with the rock band "16 Dogma".

Tradizionale cuco di terracotta

Saturday 27:

Hours 19.00 food stand at the big top with spit-roasted pork and Tyrolean dish; musical evening with "the new front" tributo a Vasco Rossi.

Sunday, 28:

Hours 19.00 food stand at the big top with Tyrolean dish and Grill; musical evening with "Charlie's band". To follow prize draw.

For the duration of the event will be an exhibition, with its sale of traditional earthenware whistles; an amusement park and entertainment.

For information: Comune di Roana Tourism Office Tel. 0424.694361

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