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SCHELLA MARZ 2014 the great Bonfire of Vecia, Asiago from 26 to February 28

Dal 26/2/2014 al 28/2/2014

Schella Marz Asiago 2014 - Il FalòSCHELLA MARZ 2014 the great Bonfire of Vecia, Asiago from 26 to February 28, 2014

From 26 to February 28, 2014 to 20.00 hours at Piazza Risorgimento II of Asiago, will host the traditional feast of Schella Marz or Schella March.

Hot chocolate and mulled wine will be made available to all.

Always celebrated warmly on theAsiago plateau from everyone, adults and children, is this a party by the name of Cimbrian origin, plays March, an omen for the rushing of spring.

Almost a ritual to awaken the nature after the long sleep of winter and to give the farewell to the season pass.

Schella Marz Asiago 2014 - Il Pupazzo


Disguised as fairies, Orcs, goblins and Zeleghen Baiblen children around the squares of Asiago, cross the Centre and Asiago course dragging cans bound together.

Hitting the jars with wooden sticks, children make a hullabaloo trying so to wake up the spring. Upon arrival in Piazza Risorgimento II, is awarded the group who made the succession of cans and jars .


On the evening of the last day, Friday, February 28, brusa la vecia — a majestic snowman wood and paper mache is burned to symbolize the season that goes away.

In the Highland tradition has it that the first day of primavara drop the first of March. The party in the past has always held, regardless of whether the imbiancasse snow fields and roads.

Schella Marz Asiago 2014 - Barattoli e lattine

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