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SEMIFINAL SERIES at Ice Hockey, Asiago-Milan, March 10, 2015 Ice

Tuesday 10/3/2015 at 20:30

Asiago Hockey 1935 is in the semifinals!

Tuesday, March 10 at 20.30 at the PalaOdegar di Asiago Hockey Milan arrives for the first of two scheduled ice stadium!

After a hard-fought quarter-final against the Appian, the star of John Park looking for another company to put a serious mortgage on the passage in the final League title!

As always we look forward to a friendly audience at the Ice Palace, all ready to push Asiago in another finals!


TUESDAY MARCH 10: 1 Race, Asiago Hockey-Milan Hockey hours 20.30;

SATURDAY, MARCH 14: race, Asiago Hockey 3-Milan Hockey 20.30hours;

Any Race 5: Thursday, 19 hours 20.30;

Any Race 24 hours Tuesday 20.30 7;


At the start the semi-finals: Asiago hosts Milan in race 1

Take off tomorrow evening the Italian League Championship semifinals of ice hockey "series to Itas Cup". On the one hand, will challenge theAsiago Hockey 1935 and the Milan Xi, the Puster Valley and the Rittner Buam. Asiago had the upper hand on Appian only at the seventh game: one with the South has been the most balanced and hard-fought series of quarterfinals and only where it is necessary the "pretty".

The Milan ousted in five games the Valpellice, gaining the qualification, four rest days in more than the stars. In the series against the Appian, Asiago has certainly spent much energy (physical and mental), the Milan reach the semifinals cooler; the other side of the coin is that Asiago, at least initially, can count on a greater rhythm game. 1 Race is scheduled for tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 10 March starting at 20.30 hours) atOdegar di Asiago; also in this series, the field factor – in the end instrumental with Appiano-will be on the side of the giallorossi who have earned that right thanks to the primacy in the regular season.

Asiago – Milan is the "classic". An exciting challenge began in the 2000/01 season, one characterized by the rigors of Alex Galchenyuk: before that it gave the Italy Cup (the second) to star; then the one in the unforgettable final series 4 that broke the spell tricolore roof of bringing Asiago Italy for the first time in its history. In the years to follow were the rossoblù to prevail in most crosses playoffs, giving birth to the age of Vipers (5 league titles in a row from 2002 to 2006, two of whom ripped right at Asiago in the final).

Now the story is different. No longer Milano Vipers, but Milan Xi, but the emotions are the same. Milan, definitely party to headlights off, has been able, thanks to the excellent work of riconfermatissimo Pat Curcio on the bench, grow and create a cohesive group, tactically aware and ready to strike back with speed and lethal techniques scoring pair Vallorani – Fontanive: in season 37 goals (9 of which outnumbered!) and 41 assists the first; 21 + 45 the second. They will be the special supervised, of course, but may dangers arriving even from afar, from the rear, where Lutz, Caffey and Murray provide effective coverage, many minutes on the ice and pure points.

Very heavy, in this sense, the overtime goal in the quarterfinals against Valpellice arrived from the stick of Caffrey (race 1) and Murray (race 5). And then there are the oriundo Petrov (fundamental in the balance of Lombard formation), the latest addition to Waddell (former partner of DeVergilio in Pontebba of the miracles of Pokel 2011 season Tom/12) and the Italians of this Milan: Caletti, best, Frei (arrived recently from Caldaro), Terzago and Caffi, the latter one of the revelations.

A goalie often has dragged the rossoblù to victory. A Milan square and hard to deal with, which can also count on the enormous boost of their fans, especially at the Agora. A series that, earlier this season in hand, born of uncertainty: between League and Cup six crossings, three wins each, while those of Milan (in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italy) had a different specific gravity. In the history of the playoffs Asiago and Milan (with the other heading) faced each other 4 times previously: 3-1 budget for lombardi, with two hits on two in the best-of-7 series games (both final for the title in 2002/2003 with Laporte and the following year with Bordelau); in 2001, the final series is still playing best-of-5 matches (3-1 for Asiago).

In Milan are unavailable the injured Gron and Latin. Leo will be sacrificed to the turnover. Nell'Asiago out DeVergilio (still 3 rounds of disqualification from serving, will return for game 4) and Magnabosco, injured his right knee in game 6 of the series of quarterfinals with the Appian.

Playoffs – Race 1 – Semifinal (best of seven)

Asiago Hockey 1935 - Hc Milano Rossoblu
Odegar Stadium – Asiago -20:30 hours
Referees: Alex Lazzeri and Andrea Moschen. Touch judges: Patrick Gruber and Claus Unterweger.

Hc Val Pusteria Wolves Rittner Buam
Long stage Experience – Brunico -20:30 hours
Referees: Daniel Gamper and Gregory Loreggia. Touch judges: Mark Mori and Ulrich Pardatscher.

Schedule semifinals

1 – 10 March race in Asiago and Bruneck
Race 2 – 12 March in Milan and Klobenstein
3 – 14 March race in Asiago and Bruneck
Race 4-17 March in Milan and Klobenstein
Any Race 5 – 19 March to Asiago and Bruneck
Any Race 6 – 21 March in Milan and Klobenstein
Any Race 7 – 24 March in Asiago and Bruneck

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