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Show MI TOUR 2014 RETREAT-issue World War I, Gallio August 3

Sunday 3/8/2014 at 14:00
Mi Rifugio in Tour 2014 - Edizione Grande Guerra

Theatrical-musical I REFUGE IN 2014-TOUR Edition of World War I, Gallio the 3 August

Sunday 3 August 2014 to 14.00 hours at the Campomuletto Hut a Gallium, Asiago plateau, will hold the appointment of theatrical-musical I refuge in 2014 – special tours of World War I; the guest that opens the show is musician Anna First.

David Peron offers a theatrical-musical tour that will unfold in the Lee of the Piccole Dolomiti: places that were the theatre of World War I. As every year, at each stage, to open the show there is a different host that will share the joy of Live art in unusual places. Plus: the honor of having the preface at the show by the prof. Antonio Cassuti of the War Committee of the Veneto region and a special intervention by the journalist Clare of Ambros of Rai.


Ragazzi del ' 99 they represented in the imagination of Italy after World War I and for at least 50 years, the flower of youth to the Motherland has fought, sacrificed, sacrificed and he won. Of heroes. But the exploits of the heroes have, unfortunately, always a downside: the rhetoric of fascism has used their merits for their own benefit to celebrate the birth of a new nation. An Empire.

And maybe not all, but many certainly, managed to escape from the rhetoric that pervaded them perceiving two decades between the folds of their memories, the lack of real motivation behind the Italy's entry into the war in ' 15 and which is repeated in that fateful June ' 40. The stories that certainly the grandparents did to boce in those barracks, finally healthy, made to a young audience and presumably avida experience, perhaps they represented the end of rhetoric and the beginning of a simple truth that so soon theItaly will need to rebuild.


Marco Artusi

Begin your artistic journey with dance, studying both classical form that most contemporary ones and working with different companies: Company Comini, ErAcquario company, Tanzprojekt of Munich. At the same time approaching the theater of commedia dell'arte where it can put to use their acrobatic skills. From 1992 he worked as an actor with the troupe "La Piccionaia" of Vicenza (with directors like a. Carrara, m. Bartoli, e. Bonavera, m. Artuso, t. Conte, a. Chalmers, f. Albanese, k. Grunchi) and later even proposing their regie especially in the kids Playhouse (Bluebeard, a kite Viola, the impatient Orlando, angry).From 2014 collaborates with DedaloFurioso. Next to the stage to drama teacher.

David Peron

Songwriter, comes from the lands of the Northeast, where the Po Valley meets the Piccole Dolomiti, Davide highlights what he plays and sings the roots of his land tied up at work, understood not as grim profit but as repeated over time, honest and laborious characterized by natural beauty, especially those in the mountains. After a long apprenticeship that characterizes the way of every artist who has done alone, between the end of years ' 90 and 2000 David Peron began collecting early success and finished near the top in several national music competitions. Continues an intense concert activity giving rise to the famous "I refuge in tour", path -naturalistic musical stage in some summer mountain huts of the Piccole Dolomiti, where he performs regularly with his band in concert between the original meadows and mountain peaks. He brought his songs in international festivals such asSommerfest' in Hannover (Germany) and the 'Plai Festival' of Timisoara (Romania) and in meetings with journalists facts and personalities who are fighting in the front line against all organized crime, such as: Roberto Saviano, Giancarlo Caselli, Rita Borsellino, Marco Travaglio, Piero Grasso, Nando Dalla Chiesa.

Roberto Dalla Vecchia

Starts music studies by his mother, a pianoteacher. After several years of classical studies, he decided to devote himself to what fascinates him most: the acoustic guitar. The passion for this instrument leads him to explore different styles and techniques, in particular that of the flatpicking (technique which consists in playing guitar with a plectrum). He debuted as a soloist in 1998, the year of release of his debut album Open Spaces. Then, Sit Back (2002), winner of theHomegrown CD Award of the American magazine Acoustic Guitar best self-produced CD of the year. From 2012 is the artistic director of orchestrAcustica, a formation of acoustic guitarists 25 flatpicker, unique in Italy.

Carla Cavaliere

Carla ranges from the world of music to the Theatre. She graduated with prof. Gerardo Guccini in dramaturgy at the Dams in Bologna, has always been fascinated by music, especially choral. In 2000 he joined the gospel choir of Bologna "Sarah Sheppard Spirituals" and also in a very short time of the Ensemble. In 2003 participates in intensive Workshops for choral singing blues, soul, gospel, with the teacher Neemiah Brown, at Bernstein's Musical School of Bologna. In the following years he attended workshops of expressive reading and digital storytelling, led by Pino Costalunga, Carlo Presotto, Paola Rossi and Matteo Balbo. Today is Narrator in "Keidos forge fiction", still a Chorister of Canda Band, lover and conoisseur of nature and the wonders of creation.

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