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Show the LOCANDEJRA Compagnia La Piccionaia-I Carrara, Lusiana August 14

Thursday 14/8/2014 at 20:45
Spettacolo Teatrale La Locandejra

The theatrical company LOCANDEJRA La Piccionaia-I Carrara in Lusiana, Asiago plateau, the August 14, 2014

Thursday, August 14 at 2014 hours 20.45 in Piazza IV Novembre in Lusiana, Asiago plateau, will stage the play La Locandejra, rewrite by La Locandiera by Carlo Goldoni, with the Company La Piccionaia-I Carrara Teatro Stabile di Innovazione.

In case of bad weatherreturning to 16 or 17 August.

Admission free


Di David Conati and Tino Carrara
Con Titino Carrara, Ahmed Abdullah and Marco Zoppello/
Pierangelo Bango
PhotosPhotographers Contarin
DirectorTitino Carrara

Rewrite from La Locandiera by Carlo Goldoni, with literary harassment taken from Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Garçia Lorca, Carlos Fuentes, Robert Rodriguez, Roberto Lerici, De André, Guccini and lower but high thought, with some pearls from Bacio Perugina.

After having played for a period equal to my memory all roles de La Locandiera by Goldoni, count, Marquis, Knight, Fabrizio, the waiter of the rider, even a Comedian ... the only part that I was left to do was Mirandolina.

The do I or don't I? "
"Do the women: ... mi at travesto? o. .. "No!"
"Do men: rear roles, la Locandiera becomes the innkeeper and the sweethearts ' le ' sweethearts..."
... but the blanket was always a bit too short, linked to a playful idea Yes and complacent but that does not make justice to the sense. And then call the self-love: renew but without destroying, embroider on the original narrative structure, bridging the distance of time, the delay and propose languages and situations that speak to the public today.

Titino Carrara


El Comandante

Takes issue with birds flying free on sunset. There are no margins against the weight of oppression: fight or surrender!... Or free or inside the cage, and in the time of Universal Deceit the only alternative is to raise your head and cut the bars. Freedom is a species that has no memory you have to guess which side goes. El Comandante, enchanted by the invincibility of Locandera, represents the sudden passionary.

Chemin de Fer

Anarchist, solitary, fromsick soulto ... wanders the Inn looking for an independent and progressive love a true revolutionary. Before the void all devour us, soon to be the time when you fall in love. Chemin de Fer: theanarchist-poetic soul.

Knife Smith

El Gringo armed with guitar cover (it will be a guitar then?). Refractory to feminine charm? ... no, Revolutionary. And the revolutionary cannot indulge in the luxury of suffering, the revolutionary is like the Holy, leave everything and instead of the cross takes the knife. El Gringo plays with Mirandolina the role of fake Misanthrope and the drop in the net oflove magic. But those who play with fire will burn sooner or later.


Will return the favor to the Gringo. Can count on many weapons. First of all the food: eating is a pleasure liberating, a lunge taste of particular elegance and. .. Then the temperament passionary: better to die standing than spending a lifetime on their knees. Is a character made a solid life challenging project: the thinking woman, individual social consciousness and sensitive capable of heavy decisions. In times of Universal Deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary Act.

Pancho Pedro

Servant, lives and works as little as possible in the Inn. In love with locandera more for convenience than for love; jealous of the game that unfolds between Mirandolina and Gringo, eventually forming an Alliance leader to bow down town idea of rebellion tooppression architect from three unlikely guests of the Inn.


In 2009 Ketti Grunchi, Carlo Presotto and Marco Artusi boot damage to the formation of a new company of Popular Art Theatre within de La PiccionaiaA Midsummer night's dream and Ciranò and its intrusive nose are the first two performances of a project that has a reference to the entire audienceof kids and adults, of theatres and squares, of laymen and of critics. A theatre in which the guest of honor is always the Viewerwith its dreams and its dreams. A theatre-need to communicate simple and complicated humanity, astonished, comic poem candor. A traveling theater, where the show is the final stage of a project that develops in time and space with meetings and discoveries.

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