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Street performances by Alberto De Bastiani cuCu Roan Festival August 24, 2014

Sunday 24/8/2014 at 16:00
Artista di Strada Alberto De Bastiani

Street performances by Alberto De Bastiani cuCu Roan Festival, Asiago plateau, August 24, 2014

Sunday 24 August 2014 to 16.00 hours at the field of roller-skating Mittewald and 18.00 hours in Piazza s. Giustina in Roana, Altopiano di Asiago, the artist Alberto De Bastiani will present his shows lucky and the three Golden hairs of the OGRE and Il segreto di arlecchino and pulcinella, inside of cuCu Roan 2014 Festival.

Lucky and the three Golden hairs of the OGRE

There was once a poor woman who gave birth to a boy and because he had come to the world with the lucky shirt the predicted that at fourteen would marry the King's daughter. Thus began the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, a fairy tale that speaks to adults and children, narrated, animated and sung by Alberto De Bastiani and Paulo Forte with puppets, animated figures, live music, juggling and magic.

Il segreto di arlecchino and pulcinella

As in the theater of Mangiafuoco appears on the scene Arlecchino and Pulcinella, the two cute masks that amuse both adults and children, always ready to joke, joke, to bring joy and happiness, have a secret for getting to the heart of people but to someone that doesn't like.

Alberto De Bastiani

Alberto De Bastiani, actor and puppeteer, started its activity in 1982. Includes important collaborations with master puppeteers including Pierpaolo Di Giusto with which invents the Circus three fingers, which will register its presence to the most important Italian and foreign festivals, getting, among others, the prize for best show at the International Festival of children's Theatre of Sant'Elpidio (Ap).

With the story of Pinocchio and Wolf Stories combines the techniques of puppet theatre acting research based on narrative. He brought his performances in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, Ecuador and Eritrea. In 2006 and 2008 he won the Premio nazionale Silvano d'orba to good puppeteers of Italy. From 2000 produces and directs the International Festival Puppets & Marionettes/tribute to Fausto Braga. Among his performances The compagnia dei Fracanappi (2003), Santi e briganti (2006) and the legend of the flying rabbit (2008) written and directed by Gigio Brunello.


From Thursday 21 to Sunday August 24, 2014 in the hamlets of Roana, Asiago plateau, cuCu Festival will be held: various mobile entertainment with jugglers, puppeteers, magicians, acrobats, fire comedy and much more.

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