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"The British Army in the First World War" - Guided Excursion with Asiago Guide - 21 August 2019

Wednesday 21/8/2019 at 09:45

Guided excursion in English with Asiago Guide

On the morning of Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Asiago Guide organizes an interesting guided excursion in English.

The British Army arrived on the Italian front in November 1917. It was in March 1918, however, that the 14th Corps was displaced between Asiago and Canove, in support of the tried and tested Italian divisions in the trenches. On the left of the defensive line also appeared some French Allied troops, so that Italy remained tasked with defending the eastern sectors.

In memory of the Fallen British, five cemeteries have been erected on the territory of the Asiago Plateau, housing its bodies.

Departure is scheduled for 9.45am from the PalaCiclamino in Cesuna and overall the route presents a lowdifficulty.


Where are you?

The meeting is at 9.45am at the PalaCiclamino in Cesuna, in the area of the former station.

Costs and reservations

Reservations are required.

15.00 per person
Free under 18s

What should I take with me?

Mountain boots, clothing suitable for the mountain climate, water for the duration of the excursion, possibly a small snack such as dried fruit, cap, sunscreen.

For more information and bookings, contact Pro Loco via the buttons below or click here for Asiago Guidecontacts.

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