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The Italy Under-20 Hockey meets Asiago, December 10, 2014 press conference

Wednesday 10/12/2014
Mondiali hockey ghiaccio u20 asiago dicembre 2014

On the occasion of the men's Under-20 World Cup first division team group of players, led by Erwin Kostner, is welcomed by the municipal administration of the Organising Committee and Asiago

Missing a few days at the start of the men's Under-20 World Cup first division Group A-2015 U20 Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group A , scheduled in Asiago Sun-14-sat 20 Dec. The international competition will take part, along with the newly promoted blue team led by coach Erwin Kostner, the Norway national, Belarus, Latvia, Austria and Slovenia. The Organizing Committee is therefore from time to work for the World Championships, seventh on the Asiago plateau since 2004. And it is precisely to make the classic and auspicious "in bocca al lupo" to Italy that the authorities and the Organizing Committee decided to invite in the prestigious Sala Consiliare del Municipio di Asiago whole team led by Kostner.
«Asiago enthusiastically welcomes athletes and their staff engaged in this event that is intended to represent an important moment of encounter and of growth for young people that will and for our community that always has been proud to host events like this-are the words of Roberto Rigoni Stern, Mayor of Asiago -. I hope that this event is an opportunity for a fruitful friendship and comparison in the sign of great sporting passion that unites all participants».Mondiali 2015 conf stampa 10 dic ph paolo basso
"I can only be proud of this assignment in Asiago World, will certainly be a stimulus for our young players," explains Franco Saddle, Alderman Sport -. I would like to thank all those who are working, primarily volunteers who, thanks to their passion, dedicate their free time to make these major sporting events. "
And could not miss the greetings of Joyce Ma, President of Asiago Hockey 1935 srl, by Thomas Taha, Director Fisg for hockey, and the former Mayor asiaghese, now President of the Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio, Andrea Gios who commented: "this is a world's major event, the team that comes out victorious, in fact, jump to the right to the Top Division. I'm sure the boys will play fielding the hundred percent, focusing on the goal and with the pride of representing our flag. "
The Asiago Italy, arrived last Monday, is preparing for the World Cup starting with good second place got last month at the four Nations Tournament in Budapest, Hungary.
The budget blues guitarist was two WINS (4-3 in overtime on Slovenia, also present at the
competition standings, and 4-2 on France) and one loss (1-3 against the hosts
Hungary's then tournament winners).
«Faticherò to decide the "cuts" are the first words of coach Erwin Kostner must lead by Friday from 28 to 22 azzurri squad. " Is a team that is working well and is already demonstrating great things. Having said that it is useless to deny that it will be a tough World and that our
first goal is salvation. We have to be focused and with his feet on the ground. "
Awaiting the arrival of the latest lineups, the great machine of the organizing Committee is already moving into massively to follow this important men's Under 20 World Cup First Group Division. "We have received with passion and enthusiasm to this new challenge and the witness that Mario Lievore has passed into our hands – explains Giorgio Basso, President of Hc Asiago Junior 1935 Asd, the company that manages the youth ofAsiago Hockey and theOrganization of these World Championships ." Thanks to the support of increasingly large and knowledgeable team of volunteers, and together with the students of IV and IV B T Tourism engaged as last year in school/work project inserted into
World, I'm sure the excellent success of the event. " Present at the press conference also students and professors of the IV T hotel and Tourism IV B, the two classes involved in school-to-work alternation project "the great international hockey meets the school".

Mondiali hockey ghiaccio 2015 team azzurro e studenti asiago
Photo by Paul Bass (Conference) and Roberta Strazzabosco (one with students).


Asiago, 14-20 December 2014

Sunday 14 December

Slovenia-Belarus 13.30 hours
Austria-Latvia 17 hours
Hours 20.30 Italy-Norway

Monday, December 15

13.30 hours Norway-Austria
Latvia 17 hours-Slovenia
Hours 20.30 Belarus-Italy

Wednesday, December 17

Latvia-Belarus 13.30 hours
17 hours Norway-Slovenia
Hours 20.30 Austria-Italy

Thursday, December 18

Hours 13.30 Austria-Slovenia
Hours 17 Belarus-Norway
Hours 20.30-Italy Latvia

Saturday 20 December

Norway-Latvia 13.30 hours
Hours 17 Belarus-Austria
Hours 20.30 Slovenia-Italy

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